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It worked for StarTrek


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
Refugee from Denmark.
Understand the need to close rarely used forums as the forum for Denmark.
Always enjoyed the jaeger and popcorn etc. tales on this forum.
So hope that this will be the chosen forum to persist.
As the producer of Spicy Disaster at the Banshee House, I am amused and delighted to learn it has been screened all the way in Denmark. As the chef creator of Nuclear Popcorn too, I hope you didn't hurt yourself eating it with your viewing. More importantly, it cements what everyone has already said...there are more people who lurk on the forum than those that post!

P.S. You're not the first Viking Dane that I have ran into in these virtual lands, and if you guys didn't self-identify, your English is so well-written that I would never had known you're not native speakers!

Deleted User - 848894468

Save the US Forumn for sure!! it is one login for me to use this forumn, easy to navigate etc, yet two to three depending on issues logging into Discord -- which is an irritant. I use to know what was happening etc, now for several months, I have been in the dark on all things Elvenar.. I don't use Facebook often either, I don't use my phone except for emergencies..


On another note: all the changes made to the WIKI etc, are definitely NOT detailed enough as ElvenarGems was - just saying (I can't find what I use to to enjoy this game)