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Just for Crackie


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Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
ummm Hippie chick from the 70s that loves "shrooms" like that's a surprise. (just teasing you)

Maybe @FairyInBellbottoms wants to join my Bud Sorceress Matters protest too. We’ll double in size!!! Watch out, @Astram!
@muffy. are you sure it is a good idea to tell @crackie how to make perfect bombs? :eek:

Fairy grabs some popcorn while she watches from a hopefully safe distance.
This thread has a poncho section in the front orchestra seating area.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
Crackie.... I don't know what Bud Sorceress Matters is? I'm afraid to agree haha

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A long long time ago on an elf game forum far far away, a little girl observed the hating going on with a lot of people bashing the Bud Sorceress, saying how she is an useless and ineffective fighting unit. Well she uses Bud Sorceress in battle often, esp in the upper provinces of tournament. Like the hippies of lore, she mustered up the shenanigans courage to take a stand against all these hateful people maligning Bud Sorceress to become her lone defender! She made a very wholesome and innocent avatar of a little girl hanging out with Bud Sorceress doing BFF things and the people on the forum started maligning the poor innocent little girl too. References to Children of the Corn and other scared comments were made by the frightened masses. But the little girl turned that frown upside down by embracing her rural ties to the maize crop and wanted to share some of that with the good people as a peace offering. However, her best friend is a sorceress with pyromaniac tendencies so she helped the little girl make popcorn by detonating a nuclear explosion to make one giant radioactive kernel of popcorn, which later won a forum recipe contest and the little girl was unexpectedly promoted to Chef. But her culinary accolades never distracted her from her original mission to defend Bud Sorceress though. Her latest campaign to set the record straight for her maligned BFF is the error in battle when Bud Sorceress is not given her full due of two rounds of debuffs. In time, the frozen hearts of the frightened masses started to melt, and other people put down their pitchfork and torches to inquire about The Bud Sorceress Fan Club, of which the little girl is the self-appointed President. Now there are a handful of fan club members running about. A little girl from the cornfields can start a revolution too. The moral of the story is you’ve spent too much time on the forums if you’re still reading this story.