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Kindle Fire specific issue - Elvenar & keyboard interaction


Active Member
I am not sure there is a permanent solution for this issue, but thought I would see if anyone has any ideas.

My Kindle Fire (newest release HD 10, just a few weeks in use, dedicated to Elvenar) keyboard will only occasionally let me type a full sentence when in my largest city (beginning of Amuni). Usually the keyboard appears & then disappears, or jumps around a lot, or just appears as a line at the bottom of the screen but will never pop up to the full keyboard.

I regularly play 9 cities across 5 accounts and the only place the issue occurs is the one city. I am sure it is a memory issue, since I get kicked out of the app sometimes if I scroll around the world map too quickly also, and it happened in all of my accounts with more than one active city before I upgraded my tablet. It is specific to Elvenar - the keyboard works fine in any other app.

If I clear the local cache it helps for a little bit, but once I do very much - usually on the world map, like the tournament - it just happens again. I have the music and the weather turned off. I asked support & the only ideas were things I've already tried. Any other ideas? Thank you in advance!