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Recruiting Knights of the Nine (Recruiting strong players!l)


New Member
you can check our fellowship stats here:

As a fellowship, we are prioritizing spire players over anything else. If you're a great spire player then we're totally looking for you!
  • Any Score if you can meet the following
  • 2k 4-week average for tournament scores (we check via elvenstats)
  • Minimum weekly 2/3 spire (labs) but able to hit Top consistently
  • must be active daily player
  • Any Good Types are fine
Our Free 10kp perk can be used however you wish, using our kp threads.

If you do go for a vacation, or maybe busy in Real Life® all you need to do is put a "OOT till d/m/y" in your city header and it's all good. I'm pretty proactive about getting rid of inactive players.. so if i see you go 2 weeks without doing any tournament or city progression.. i'll send out a warning mail, and the third week i will probably boot you, and send you an invite to our alternate fellowship called
Knights of the Nine - 2, which is our overflow fellowship.

If you haven't been in an active fellowship before, don't let that stop you from applying. Really there isn't any stress other than play and have fun.. and be active. If you're a once a week player, that might be a problem, but if you play pretty much daily, then we're looking for you.

Please feel free to use the in-game messaging system to send thedarkboo a message,
hope to see you! :)

-- Darkboo
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