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KP Pushing Issues


The following 3 points are copied form Elvanar's Term/Condition of Use Page:

7. Pushing

Operating a “push-account” is forbidden. This is defined as unbalanced routine resource (resources, Knowledge Points etc.) transfers from one account to the next even if involved accounts do not belong to the same player.
It is forbidden to create trades in any form (goods, Knowledge Points etc.) that involve multiple worlds.

Please note that it is strictly forbidden to use the invite feature to invite yourself or players that share an internet connection with you.

8. Fair-play

It is expected that each and every player acts respectfully towards other players, and the Support team. This means following the rules and creating a fun and fair environment for players.

The rules can be adapted to different cases in the interests of maintaining fair-play within the game. The Support team is the final arbiter of any rules dispute. Our interpretation of the rules is final. We reserve the right to exclude anyone from the game. All players have the right to appeal via the Support System.

9. Report breach of rules
If you believe someone is breaking the rules, you can contact the Support team and report it. Knowingly benefiting from another player breaking the rules is prohibited. If you think you have benefited from a breach of rules, please report this.

It is forbidden to incite other players to commit a rule violation. The attempt is punishable and need to be reported.

I will not name any names but those who follow this issue already know who is in breach and who is not.

Now I know there are a number of players who are in breach of this Rule No. 7 and openly admit that they do so. Is it just me or do they simply not enforce their own term or services. So the question becomes why the developers and programmers need to talk about how to address issues they already have rules on, but apparently lack the ability or want to enforce. Now I am not advocating anyone to breach the terms of conduct/use on your end. I am just point out a discrepancy that has been exploited for the past several months to years and those in charge of enforcing these rules have turned a blind eye to it. It is so bad that you have the guilty players actively boasting they have multiple accounts in in-game chat or mail to other players and still nothing was done.

Now the question becomes:
1) is it actually a problem enforcing the issue, (understandable matching mac addresses and log in times can be difficult for the best)
2) Is it willful negligence, (those in charge of enforcement have the tools to take action but do not due to any number of speculative reasons)
3) They simply don't care about keeping up their side of the terms of conduct and use, (unlikely since it opens them up to contractual law issues in certain courts)
4) They are reluctant to take action because what action to take was never determined and are trying to figure out preventative measures, (most likely since it is difficult to figure out what to do when certain players go against your own terms of use and conduct for a game you developed as a side project and grew rapidly past what you thought would occur, aka game is still being tweaked into a more complete form and developers are using these individuals as a case study to figure out how to stop it from occurring before taking action to punish those in breach and what coding can be used to prevent the issue from occurring again, which is extremely difficult)

Thing is with that last one is its been over a year since this was first instance was reported and nothing has been addressed either in forums or an enforcing the rules as those individuals in breach are still growing in the game.

Most players don't give a care about other people cheating until it gets to the point where you have certain players with multiple accounts who over the course of several months fed their main accounts (in particular Wonders) enough KP to max ALL available wonders out. This provides an uneven advantage and is a pretty clear cut example of breaking Rules 7 and 8. Now the issue is those players in breach are pushing out other players on the leaderboards who have actually spent time following the rules and not breaching them in order to gain where they are at.

So all that is left to do now is wait and watch to see if these rules are enforced or if most players are going to start emulating them because of any number of reasons.

In closing stay tuned to the forums and maybe we will see what happens.

What are your thoughts about this issue?