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Length of City Name



There are many cities have names that are too long to be displayed to those visiting. I'm sure this has been brought up before.

My suggestions:
  • Let players know if their city name is too long to be displayed when receiving neighborly help
    • I don't know if many players even realize that their city names are not being fully displayed
  • Provide additional space for city name, perhaps by slightly reducing the font size
  • Possibly give players the option to choose the font size for their city name
Forgive me if this suggestion already exists. (I may have overlooked it in the first 2 pages of search results...)
Thanks and happy building!


Or they could just resize the city name block... They already have a max character limit in city names, so just a longer box could make it an easy fix ;)


Oh Wise One
There are many cities have names that are too long to be displayed to those visiting.
If you hover over the name with your mouse, you'll see the full name.

This has indeed been discussed, and is exacerbated by our habit of indicating what we want for help in the city name. Suggestions range from the simple (more space for the name through a separate comment field with free text), to the complex (a separate interface for "help" where the city manager could assign priorities and visitors could see what can be helped in a list and would just click a checkbox to either hit the preferred in order, or select one specifically). More conversation is always good, as long as you tried searching I think you're fine.