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Implemented Let the Mouse Wheel control Zoom


I am not sure of how your code is written for the city view,
But it would be easier to let players use the mouse wheel to control zoom.
I expect that most people have already tried to zoom in or out with the mouse wheel.


Mouse wheel does zoom in and out for me. I'm using firefox if it makes a difference i don't know,


I am on FF 37.0.1 and my mouse wheel does work. The game has 1 level of zoom in and zoom out.

- Check your Win settings
- If USB generic mouse, uninstall/reinstall from Device Manager
- Update drivers if brand name mouse
- Change USB port
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Okay, I might need a new mouse, my mouse wheel will work in some games but not in others,
it has been annoying.


Furthermore, with Windows 8.1 you can use Smartphone/Tablet pinch-and-spread hand movements on the screen to alter the zoom level functions (this also works with tracker pads for Win8.1 laptops) Most standard zoom features were included to function earlier, however zoom functionality on all browsers may not be fully implemented at this time across major operating systems.


Max, I have tried all of those and it still will not work, but since the mouse Wheel does work in some things, then I do not think it is the Mouse.
Whisper, I play on a PC with Win 7 and no touch screen, so I can't use that.
is this Game PC Only or can you play it on a Smart Phone/Tablet?

Deleted User - 90

The game isn't optimized for mobile yet - meaning there is no App on Google Play nor for iOS. But according to the pre-Beta release notes on the Devblog, full mobile integration has been planning since day one. I've heard of many people using mobile browsers to play the game (Android) - although I've heard it is difficult to actually "build" with that interface. Of course, queuing goods/supplies and collecting supplies should be fairly basic. Likely the same with battles although I haven't tested that.


I can sort of ish play on my ipad with a Puffin browser that supports flash. I wouldn't want to play on it all the time, but I can set an army or two if need be.


Yup. Puffin browser works pretty well on the smartphone.
I use it to keep my factories and workplaces going from work.
I tried doing the help visits once. it can be done but requires enormous patience (or less thick fingers?) so it's not something I would do if not needed. Fighting neither.
But for just keeping the city going it is great.