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LOL! looking for 2 new members - top 5 ranked FS


Well-Known Member
We now have 2 open spots due to people no longer having the time to play due to personal circumstances.
We are a pretty active group, at least 15 chests in the tourney every week, gold in the Spire every week. We tend to go easy on the FSA, meaning just do all paths on the 3 maps and then see where we end.
Looking for ACTIVE players. Chapter 12 or better preferred, though for active players that is not a requirement. We do have some hard requirements;
1 - 2.000 minimum score in the tourney, though we do allow a bit of averaging. However, that does not mean 6.000 one week and then 800 for 3 weeks or so, we expect weekly participation.
2 - Finishing 2 full levels of the Spire weekly for every one. (Meaning making it to the top 2x, not just 2 doors on the first level)
3 - Be helpful, do visits at least 4x per week. Let the mages know if you expect to be offline or less active for a while.
4 - Absolutely no drama. Playing out drama will get one kicked. Period.

We are a funloving group, very active with multiple chains for exchanging KPs into each other's AWs. Participation in them is voluntary. Banter in chat and PMs about all kinds of topics as people feel like.
We also have some associate groups; Minglewood for players who are active but not quite ready for our hard requirements, LOL-Beach for players who wish to take it easy for a while, are just starting, or those who need a break for whatever reason.
For those interested, please contact any of the mages, or myself.


Well-Known Member
Once more we have one open spot in this top-5 FS. Only active players are to apply. We require 2.000 points WEEKLY in the tourneys and at least 2 floors WEEKLY in the Spire.
We do reach 6 bonus chests every week (so 16 total, or more) and reach gold in the Spire every week.
Very active KP chains for those interested