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Looking for a Fellowship on Arendyl that makes Silver/10 weekly, has fun, and likes to play


New Member
I was a member in an older, well established fellowship that was very set in their ways and I'm looking for a Silver/10 fellowship that has a good time, is supportive of their members, are active traders, and are into all around fun. I play under the name PaPaClay. I'm on daily. Put up 2k+ points weekly in the Tournament. Laboratory Gate in the Spire. And I'm currently around 100K fellowship points.

I'm actively looking for a new home.

Contact me, PaPaClay, if you think I might fit your Fellowship.


New Member
Sorry that I missed this!! I think that Fae Sidhe Adventurers might have been the perfect fellowship for you! Good luck and I hope that you continue to enjoy the game!!