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Looking for a little more


New Member
I am a newer player to the game (started mid April of this year so about 2 months) but I have been pretty active so far (already #1 rank in my fellowship) with just over 26,000 pts. My current fellowship is a group of awesome people but there just doesn't seem to be enough activity to help out with keeping a consistently strong culture bonus level (I like to be in the 150%+ range), or enough fair trading so that I don't have to keep all goods instead of being able to concentrate on my boosted goods. I am at a point where I have tons of buildings built up that would help me grow my city but can't due to space limitations (because I have to produce nearly 100% of my goods rather than trading when needed). I know I have some negatives at this point (newer player, not a really high score, still having to concentrate on producing all goods), however, I would like to think that at the rate I am growing my city I would make a nice asset to an active fellowship that is looking at adding an active player that is growing.
If you take a chance I promise you will never have to email me to be more active or contribute more. I am boosted in marble, silk, and gems but as I mentioned I have a little bit of everything at the moment just trying to keep up. I would eventually just like to stack my city with my boosted goods and replace some of my non-boosted manufactories with other buildings that I have sitting in waiting that would help my city grow. I love trading but I am looking for a fellowship that has more 2 star trades and less 1 and 0 star trades (fair is fair). I also will concentrate on boosting culture bonus levels of everyone in the fellowship daily. I am not concerned with where I will rank in the fellowship (even if I start off in the dead last position) as I am confident that I will climb my way up and become a valuable member. I will be active in tournaments (I was able to get 2 level 10 May festival trees in the last tourney). I will grow, contribute, be fair, be courteous, and help however I can.
Check out my city (please keep in mind that it is only 2 months old) and let me know if I am someone you would be interested in having for your fellowship. I do hate to leave my current fellowship as they took a chance on me when I first started out and I have nothing but positive things to say, however, I am at a point where I am ready to progress. If you want to find me my name is JSmooth1 and I am currently ranked around 930(ish) overall.

Crow Last Elf

Well-Known Member
Hi! Welcome to the game. Don't be afraid to apply directly to f/s on the leaderboard. I am in a top 10 team on your world and we would have tried to recruit you if we had a spot. Active players are always welcome, they bring so much into a f/s. Look at the f/s overviews to find one that is recruiting and suits you. Good Luck!
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New Member
Immortal Saints are very active and there is always activity going on and swapping resources to help each other grow. A well balance team resource wise. Just send a message to myself Nightghost or Taarna of the Trees. We would be happy to have you.