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Recruiting Looking for a relaxed fellowship experience that still gets you rewards? Join Wandering Dragons!


New Member
Hey there!

We are looking for Harandar players who like a moderate level of play - best for people who like to log in 1x per day or more.

We are an older fellowship with ALL the perks, including tourney archives, spire archives, knowledge sharing and more! We have a huge range of ranks in our fellowship, from 400k points down to newbies. All skill levels are welcome, and we love to chat and help our members out.

All we ask of members is to contribute to the tourney each week, and to stay active enough that you're gaining rank over time. We're also OK with people taking breaks when required, so long as you let us know.

Once each month, we have spire push weeks and tourney push weeks where we make sure we get to the tenth final chest (in tourney) or the Silver spire reward. On top of that, we semi-regularly manage to get the 10th tourney chest and spire silver on non-push weeks, meaning that you can rely on getting some additional blueprints and gems as well!

We also regularly get to the end of fellowship adventures and typically place in the top 100!

We don't care what goods you have boosted - anyone can join. Look us up, and give me, Shkooz, a message in-game if you're interested and want to talk, or if you'd like an invite.

We currently have 5 spots open we're looking to fill. Come wander with us!
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New Member
Hello again - after a few recruitments and some amicable departures, we still have plenty of spaces available. Give me a message in-game if you're interested!


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Greetings all! Come join Shkooz and I in this fantastic relaxed play fellowship. With us you will find friendly players in a low pressure environment. Once a month we push 10 chests, two weeks later it's Silver Spire. We get all Tomes and Artifacts from the Adventures, and I share my personal quest lists for events.
See you in game ;)