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Looking for an easygoing active fellowship


New Member
Found a new home, and thank you to the really nice folks that communicated with me about their fellowships. Cheers and happy gaming to all! :cool::)

I'm pretty new (just finishing chapter 4), but I play daily and am a bit obsessed with the game. I'm boosted in marble, crystal, and elixir. I played solo for the first few months so I'm producing all goods, but would be willing to only produce boosted tier 2 and 3 goods.

The further content with being in a fellowship sounded fun, so I picked a random FS. I'm not tremendously talkative, but I erred in choosing a mostly mute group, some chatting would be nice :) I'm not sure I produce enough resources at present to do tournaments weekly, but could commit to every other one I think.

I play mostly on my phone, it makes it easier to do 3 hour productions, but can and do use a computer for access as well. I'm a dedicated player, I visit my FS and my map daily with rare exceptions, post only 2 and 3 star trades, and would enjoy a group that likes regular visits and fair trades. I'm old enough to know better, and too tired to do it anyway... I don't do drama, abhor rudeness of any kind, and think a decent command of the language makes a lot of profanity in chat irritating at best. I'm probably doing some stuff wrong, so a group that likes to help newbs and doesn't mind questions is a must. :confused:
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