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Looking for experienced, active, and fun Fellowship


New Member
Good after noon.

im just inquiring if there is any Fellowship out there that is active, talks in chat, helps each other out and get tournments done.

Right now im in an awesome fellowship with great people that ive been a member of for over 2 years. Just over the last 6 months it got quiet and i got bored of the game to the point of moving on the game. The only thing I can think of is moving to a new environment. And playing with new people Also trades have been hard to complete.

So please do your research of me cause i will definitely be researching you and asked what ever question you have. Send me an in game mail. Id like to bein a FS that competes weekly for tournment completion. I really need to get active again.
Please check out my bonus goods so i can help you guys out asmuch as you can help me.

Points: 736000
Chapter 16
Goods. Steele, scrolls, dust, tree gum, velvet, and bismuth

ps this is just an inquiry . Not sure if im moving but was curious whats out there.