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Looking for new FS


Just letting you know we still have space at Just Chillin, at the moment we have 20 friendly active players that all trade, give neighbourly visits and offer advice (when requested, we don't go around dictating what you should or shouldn't do) Just Chillin, you can message me if you have questions or join. You can even just join and see what you think. If you don't like it for some reason you can leave, we won't get mad :)


Flippers just flip
I disagree with your advice to upgrade all the roads. The dirtpath is free and when you are pressed for space you can sell off the roads and use that extra room to rearrange the city, adding dirtpaths back when you finish. :)


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
I disagree with your advice to upgrade all the roads. The dirtpath is free and when you are pressed for space you can sell off the roads and use that extra room to rearrange the city, adding dirtpaths back when you finish. :)
You may be right about that but it may be that such a strategy is only applicable once you've got to the stage where you no longer worry about having enough culture. In the early game and even into the mid game I found myself often putting in culture only buildings to get what I needed. By about chapter 9 that wasn't necessary.

Your point that dirt roads are cheap is certainly a good one when you want space for sliding things around. I've never needed to delete roads for that as most of the time, even if I have a tiny bit of space...10 squares even, I can still shift things around by moving roads into those 1 or two squares here or there. In other words, I've never found it necessary to delete roads. But it's a good point anyway.



Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
This advice keeps coming up. But it seems to be a "in a perfect world" scenario. I'd say count your blessings if your city is in a fellowship/neighborhood where this is reliable.
In my cities (lower chapter), I produce unboosted goods. Because neighborhood trading zones and fellowships are not perfectly balanced having excesses/shortages of particular trade goods. Also, I have no control over what or when other players post or accept trades. Waiting a day (days?) or resorting to the wholesale trader is not preferable to producing unboosted goods. I am frequently glad I don't have to rely on trades for all my unboosted goods, esp scrolls.
In point of fact I started out "boosted only." But, I found myself adding unboosted good production as trades simply weren't available in a timely fashion or at all. I always checked with the trader 1st when posting trades for my boosted goods and it just didn't work out. Maybe when I reach a higher chapter (not early game), I will have more resources and change my ways.
Just sayin, you should never wait for trades to be posted. You should post your own continuously. And everyone's advice is correct .... never build non-boost factories.

I've never had a problem with trades, even when I was little and in every world I've played it was the same. I started out overproducing my boosts and selling them at a slight discount (3 star trades). Since I produced an abundance of boosts, I always had tons of goods to post and got everything I needed quickly. If I sold 1000 marble for 950 wood, it was a 3 star trade. The buyer is happy, I'm happy, and I have just come out FAR FAR ahead of where I would have been if I'd tried to produce that 950 wood in a nonboosted factory. This way, you can have an abundance of everything you need. If you don't, then you are either in a wilderness (from which, if you are active, you will probably soon be moved) or else you have a dismal fellowship and need a change ... or maybe both. You know, you can still find a fellowship that suits your play style without having to stay in one that has a glut of your boosts. The world is your oyster ... you just need to go out and find it.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
I don't like to build roads that require guest race goods. I've never seen the point of waiting in a chapter to gain enough goods to upgrade all the roads before I went to the next chapter. Just seemed like a waste of time and effort. Once you get into later chapters you can upgrade roads without guest race goods. Since the roads for Dwarves and Fairies give so little culture anyway, one or two high value culture buildings can make up for the roads and you can then sell them off later whenever you wish. Seems a more productive way to spend time.

However, I do upgrade roads as soon as I don't need guest race goods. Keep them up when you can. Don't stress about every chapter, however. That's my motto.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
Sorry, Elfie ... I didn't realize everyone had hijacked your thread.

I hope you found a good fellowship! :)