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    Your Elvenar Team

Looking to achieve more without stress?

Ariel Greensleeves

Active Member
Are you frustrated by a stagnant FS with absent members? Tired of carrying everyone else in Spire/Tourney? Sick of an overbearing Archmage?
Good Luck has 3-4 slots open for active, daily players. Bring your friends.
Good Luck stresses cooperation for greater team rewards

As a member of Good Luck you can expect:
1) Camaraderie, playful banter, and emotional support for RL ;)
2) FS benefits: daily help, trade support, 5 swap threads for KP :kp:, random free KP (cuz we are generous folk), 12 chest tourney, silver spire
3) Free advice on upping your game - play smarter, not harder
4) Excitement - not stress - during FAs
5) No drama queens, no dictators. We have five co-mages to guide us.

Our expectations* are:
1) Daily login: neighborly help, donate the free KP, read chat/messages
2) Weekly tournament: 1000 points
3) Weekly spire: complete the first 16 encounters (to high halls)
4) During FA, communicate and contribute badges as your city currently allows
*Real life takes priority; just let a mage know that you will be offline- no explanations needed.

Contact Ariel Greensleeves please. Exceptions to the expectations can be made for new cities with rapid growth curves.