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Common Questions Lost Knowledge


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You can find the Secret Scrolls of Lost Knowledge in this thread. If you have a link or question you'd like added, please let a Forum Moderator know!

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This scrolls section is based on the original post made by @Gath Of Baal which can be viewed here.

The information listed below has been verified and edited by the mod team to ensure is current as of 1 Aug 2022.

Frequently used Abbreviations, Slang, and other Confusing terminology can be found HERE
Common questions are answered HERE
  1. Abbreviations in City Names
  2. Runes Shards and Broken shards
  3. Orcs
Questions about Goods are answered HERE
  1. All about Boosted Goods
  2. Standard Goods
  3. Sentient Goods
  4. Ascended Goods
  5. One, Two, and Three-star trading
Part one of frequently asked new player questions are answered HERE
  1. I have a quest to make an "Insert name here" but I can't find it
  2. Cliffside buildings
  3. I have a Task/Quest to build Ancient Runes but I can not find it.
  4. Blueprints
  5. I have a building I placed and it has a red circle with a line floating above it.
  6. Can I sell my Barracks or Magic Academy?
  7. Can I rotate buildings?
  8. Fellowships
  9. Inactive Archmage
  10. I can not collect my "Insert name here" and it shows as gray.
  11. I have been a forum member for "X" amount of time, Why does it still show me as a new member?
  12. Do I need to sell my old roads to be able to place new ones?
  13. I am getting ready to start a new chapter, is it ok to sell my "Insert name here"?
  14. If I sell my guest race portal what happens to all the stuff it has stored in it?
Part two of frequently asked new player questions are answered HERE
  1. I accidentally sold my "Insert name here"
  2. I am in the new chapter, and I am still seeing old quests from the last chapter.
  3. How do I change my password?
  4. What is the difference between rank and score?
  5. How do I get orcs to negotiate encounters?
  6. I am training troops, but I am not seeing an increase in my armies.
  7. I purchased a new mobile device or computer, and it says my username is not found
  8. My screen is very small or very large.
  9. Can I transfer my account to someone else?
  10. How can I start a city in a new world, or how can I change worlds?
  11. I crafted Ambrosia and/or Night Essence and I am unable to collect them.
  12. I just received a Heavy Melee Regiment Instant. Can anyone tell me how to use it?
  13. How do I send Orcs to "Spare time Activity" or "Raid"?

More General Gameplay info and helpful links can be found in the General Gameplay Scroll of Knowledge
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As a new player or new user of these forums, it is easy to get confused or lost in a conversation when abbreviations and slang are being used.

Please remember that conversation context is important as a few of the abbreviations have multiple meanings and context is important in determining which meaning is being used at the time.

KP or KPS = Knowledge Point / Knowledge Points
Res = Resources
M or MH = Main Hall
B or BH = Builder / Builders Hut
C = Culture
NH = Neighborly Help
HH = Helping Hands
HS = Hand Shakes referring to Neighborly Help
Hammers = Sometimes used as a description for Supplies because of the Hammer and tool picture that represents it :supply:
Tools = Sometimes used as a description for Supplies because of the Hammer and tool picture that represents it :supply:
Tourny = Tournament
Spire = Spire Of Eternity
Mana = A resource that is first seen and used during the Wood Elves chapter.
Divine Seeds = A resource that is seen and used for the first time during the Halflings chapter.
Unurium = A resource that is seen and used for the first time during the Traders of Unur chapter
Tech Tree = Where you research your technologies - might also be called Knowledge Tree
Black Market = Is the Wholesaler located in the trader.
Boost = Explained in more detail along with more Goods information Here
Standard Goods
= Basic Goods: Marble, Steel, Planks
T2 = Refined Goods: Crystal, Scrolls, Silk
T3 = Precious Goods: Elixir, Magic Dust, Gems
Sentient Goods = From chapter 12 and on you gain new boosts and need to produce these.
S1 = Basic Sentient Goods: Moonstone, Platinum, Elven Tree Gum
S2 = Refined Sentient Goods: Obsidian, Arcane Ink, Royal Velvet
S3 = Precious Sentient Goods: Silly Soap, Alloy Shrooms, Cosmic Bismuth
Ascended Goods = From chapter 18 and on you gain new boosts and need to produce these.
A1 = Basic Ascended Goods: Primordial Minerals, Ignited Ingots, Scholarly Sprouts
A2 = Refined Ascended Goods: Ethereal Aerosols, Wonder Wax, Finest Flying Powder
A3 = Precious Ascended Goods: Spicy Spread, Genius Granule, Marvelous Marbles
Dust = Magic Dust
Cross Tier Trade = Trading goods from one tier for goods from another tier

SS = Squad Size
Barbs = Barbarians
Palys = Paladins
Sorc = Sorceress
Buddy = Bud Sorceress
Dogs = Cerberus
Frogs = Faineant Frogs
Merc Camp = Mercenary Camp building
SSU = Squad Size Upgrade expiring building
UUU = Unleashed Unit Upgrade expiring building
MMM = Magnificent Mage Multiplier expiring building
ELR = Enlightened Light Range expiring building
DA or Armorer - Dwarven Armorer expiring building

FS = Fellowship
AM = Arch Mage, which is the leader of a fellowship
FA or FSA = Fellowship Adventure
Visits = Visiting a neighbor or fellowship member to provide neighborly help

MA = Magic Academy
MM = Magical Manufacturing Spell, Also used for the Martial Monastery Ancient Wonder.
EE = Ensorcelled Endowment Spell, Also used for the Endless Excavation Ancient Wonder.
IM = Inspiring Meditation Spell
PoP = Power Of Provisions Spell or Population or Pyramid Of Purification.
SF = Spell Fragments
PP = Portal Profits
CC = Combining Catalyst
VV = Vision Vapor
RR = Royal Restoration Spell
BP = Blueprint - A 10th chest prize during tournaments

GR = Guest Race
S&D = Sorcerers and Dragons
O&G = Orcs And Goblins
Lings = Halflings
WW = Weeping Willow
TM = Traveling Merchant -- An event prize building that produces non-boosted goods; might be followed by a 1, 2, or 3 to describe which tier of good it produces. TM3 produces tier 3. Traveling Merchants can also be crafted via the crafting menu.

F2P = Free To Play
P2P = Pay To Play
Diamonds = Elvenar's Premium Currency :diamond:
Whale = Used to describe players who are Big Spenders
DP = Diamond Purchase
CM = Community Manager
Mod = Forum or game moderator
Dev = Game Developer
Inno = Inno Games the creators and developers of Elvenar
OP = Original Poster, Original Post, or Over Powered. Again context needed
RNG = Random Number Generator
AFAIK = As far as I know
GoK = Gems Of Knowledge website click Here to go to it
Beta = Beta server
+1 = Someone is agreeing with you and you have their vote

Rune = Rune Shard
BR = Broken Rune but is technically a Broken Shard
Wheel = The Rune Wheel of an Ancient Wonder
AW or Wonder
= Ancient Wonder
AWKP = Ancient Wonder Knowledge Points
GA = Golden Abyss
TS or ToS = Tome Of Secrets or Temple of Spirits
EE = Endless Excavation or can mean Enscrolled Endowment Spell.
Needles or NoT = Needles Of The Tempest
MM = Martial Monastery Or Magical Manufacturing spell
CL = Crystal Lighthouse
BS or GBS = Bell Spire or The Great Bell Spire
Sanct = Sanctuary
Throne or THM = Thrones Of The High Men
WTR or WR = Watch Tower Ruins
MtH or MH = Mountain Halls ------ also known as the Rollercoaster :p
Bulwark or DB = Dwarven Bulwark
PT = Prosperity Towers
BTG or Bee = Blooming Trader Guild
Forge or HF = Heroes Forge
SSS or Shroom = Shrine Of The Shrewdy Shrooms
Enar = Enar's Embassy
FA = Flying Academy
Maze = Maze of the Dark Matter
DA or Abbey = Dragon Abbey or Dragon Ark
TotT or TT or Toads = Temple Of The Toads
ETC = Elvenar Trade Center
ST = Sunset Towers or
VS = Victory Springs
PoP = Pyramid Of Purification or Power of Provisions spell or Population.
LoGN = Lighthouse Of Good Neighborhood
Timewarp = D111-a "Time warp"
Simia = D222-z "Simia Sapiens"
Vortex = Vortex of Storage
TSOY = Thermal Spring of Youth
Library or SL - Spire Library
TL or Arena = Tournament Arena
Oracle = Oracle of Fortune
Shrine = Shrine of Champions
Tree = Tree of Enlightenment
VST = Vallorian Seal Tower

Tech Locked = When you are stuck on the Knowledge tree trying to unlock a knowledge waiting for either resources, gold, or supplies, and you can not progress

KP Dump = A place to dump your Knowledge points while you are Tech Locked, so as to not lose knowledge point production once your bar is full. Ancient Wonders are great KP Dumps

Sometimes people will use the first letter of a world's name or its web address abbreviation when talking about it or use them in their city name as a reminder to themselves which world they are currently playing on.

A World or US1 or EN1 = Arendyll
W World or US2 or EN2 = Winyandor
F World or US3 or EN3 = Felyndral
K World or US4 = Khelonaar
E World or US5 = Elcysandir
S World or US6 = Sinya Arda
C World or US7 = Ceravyn
H World or US8 = Harandar

FYI: The order that the worlds are listed is also the order in which each world was started.
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Some Frequently Asked Questions

1) Making Sense Of abbreviations in Some City's Names

When visiting a neighbor's or a fellowship member's city you may see something like B/C/MH/GA in their city name, and wonder why everyone has these weird abbreviation combinations instead of actual city names, and if you just started playing Elvenar this probably seems very confusing.

There are only 3 types of help you can give a city:

1) You can help their Builder by clicking the Builders Hut
2) You can help the Main Hall which donates gold to them (this gold donation does not subtract from your gold)
3) You can help a Culture building which gives a small boost to that city's culture

You can only help a city once every 24 hours and only 1 of the 3 helps can be given

When a city has B/C/MH in its name, they are letting any visitor know in what order they prefer the help given them. From the list of abbreviations listed in the first post you can figure out that the city would like their B = Builder helped first then C = Culture next and the last option is the MH = Main Hall.

Some types of help are limited, like the Builders Hut can only be helped as many times as builders that the player owns. If the owner of that city only has 2 builders then the Builders Hut can only be clicked twice. If other people have already visited the city before you then the Builder Hut might not be available to help.
If this is the case then you would move on to the next preferred help which in this example is Culture. Culture is limited to how many Culture buildings that city has, if a player has only a few culture buildings it may again be possible that no culture help can be given if others have visited already
If culture is not available to help, then you would move on to the Main Hall and help it. The main hall is always helpable (unlimited Help) but it does have a mechanic in place where a player can only ever collect 20 helps worth of gold, no matter if it was helped 100 times

Some players add the abbreviations of an Ancient Wonder to their city's name like in my example of B/C/MH/GA, this is letting anyone who plans to donate Knowledge Points to a Wonder in that city know which Wonder is preferred, in this case, GA = Golden Abyss. You might also notice a few players with the world name or abbreviation in their city name too, this is not meant for you but instead to remind the player which world they are currently playing in.

If you visit a city with an actual name and no preferred help listed, then the owner is leaving it up to you to decide what to help and is probably thankful for any help they can get

If a player visits your city and helps you and you in return visit them back and help them within 24 hours, you will get a small reward of supplies to go along with the gold you would normally get.

2) Rune Shard and Broken Shard

These words can be very confusing, especially to a newer player since a different terminology is commonly used. I will try and clear up a little bit of the confusion that surrounds them and in the process, I will also explain their use with Ancient Wonders.

Rune Shards are sometimes called Runes by players since the word Shard implies that it has been broken already. Rune Shards are used to build Ancient Wonders and can be obtained in a variety of ways; via The Tournament, Chest rewards, Event rewards, Knowledge Point donations to other players Ancient Wonder to help upgrade it, finishing provinces, a few quests, and through combining Broken Shards. As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to obtain them.

To build an Ancient Wonder you must first completely fill in the 9 blank slots surrounding the Rune Wheel by attempting to place your Rune Shards. As you place the Rune Shards, some will fill the spots and some will break. The Rune Shards that break turn into Broken Shards. You can also use Rune Shards as a donation to their equivalent Ancient Wonder. They are worth 15KP when donated to someone else's AW and 10KP when donated to your own.

Broken Shards sometimes are called Broken Runes by players, again because of the language of the name. Broken Shards can be obtained through breaking Rune Shards, Crafting in the Magic Academy, in the Tournament, and from some Event buildings. To use Broken Shards you must first obtain 10 of them, which you can track the progress in the same window you used to place the Rune Shards via the small bar with 10 spots on it to the right of the Rune Wheel. Or you can hover your pointer over the Ancient Wonder icon at the bottom center of the screen. Once this bar is full you can forge a rune.

There are only 3 ways to obtain specific runes that you are looking for

1) By being one of the top donators to someone else's wonder, you will receive a prize of Rune Shards specific to that wonder you donated to once it's ready to upgrade

2) Wait for an Event and hope the specific Rune Shard shows up as one of the minor prizes you can win

3) By Forging10 Broken Shards into a Rune Shard

When you forge a Rune Shard from 10 Broken Shards you are creating a Rune Shard that is guaranteed to fit in a spot on the Rune Wheel of any Ancient Wonder you Choose. If you want to place it in a specific Ancient Wonder you must first go to that Ancient wonders Rune Wheel and Forge it there.
You just so happen to gain your 10th Broken Shard while attempting to place Ruin Shards into your Golden Abyss, But you want and need only 1 more Rune Shard for your Tome Of Secrets to be able to build it. For this to happen you must go to the Tome Of Secrets and Forge the Broken Shards into a Rune Shard on its page, and it will automatically be deposited into the Rune Wheel

Throughout the course of the game, you will collect many Rune Shards, and aside from the 3 exceptions listed, it is totally random which Rune Shards you will get when you do get them, and you will find yourself with a surplus of Rune Shards for every Ancient Wonder. No worries though you will eventually need to use them again several times.

For every 5th upgrade of an Ancient Wonder, you will need to fill its Rune Wheel all over again

If you find yourself with a bunch of Rune Shards for an Ancient Wonder you never plan to build and wish that you could break the Rune Shards but the Rune Wheel is already full, here is a little tip: If you have the available room, go ahead and build it. Once built it can be sold, Once sold you will be able to fill the Rune Wheel up again and in the process create more Broken Shards.

FYI: Those Cliff Art you find in some players' cities on the background hill are a byproduct of having built select Ancient Wonders


There are two types of ORCS
1) One Is produced as a resource in your armory (Breeding Grounds) and is only ever used as a resource. The Orcs nest is an event building that will also produce the resource Orcs, but in both cases, you must wait until you are in chapter VIII (Orcs And Goblins) before you will get the chance to produce them. The Orcs Nest or any other event building that provides Orcs must be at chapter VIII or later for it to produce Orcs.

You can also obtain Orcs through the Heroes Forge Ancient Wonder but you can not unlock that until the end of chapter VIII
From chapter VIII and forward Orcs will be used as a resource to upgrade workshops, negotiate and cater fights, and a few quests, and are needed to produce the 2nd type of Orcs

2) The other type of Orc is produced in the Training Grounds and used to fight with, these would be Orc Warriors and Orc Strategists which consume the resource Orcs when you train them. The Grounds Of The Orc Strategist is an event reward building that will produce for free Orc Strategists at any time during the game

3) Even though we only have 2 Orc types as listed above, there is one more common use of the word in which it describes chapter VIII Orcs And Goblins. Most people just say they are in the Orc chapter or they are on Orcs.
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Boosts or Boosted

When someone asks you what are your boosts or Boosted goods, here is what it means and why:

Every city has 3 types of goods they are specialized in producing.. 1 of each type will come from a different tier of good

Standard Goods

Tier 1 aka T1 aka Basic Goods

Marble :marble:
Steel :steel:
Planks :plank:

Tier 2 aka T2 aka Refined Goods
Crystal :crystal:
Scrolls :scroll:
Silk :silk:

Tier 3 aka T3 aka Precious Goods
Elixer :elixir:
Magic Dust :magicdust:
Gems :gem:

When you first make your city you will start off boosted in 1 of each tier, depending on where you are placed on the map.. You will need to unlock them via the tech tree to be able to produce them but that is the case for all productions.

When you are boosted in a particular good, every time you collect relics for that good you get a bonus for producing that type of good that you would not get for the other 6 types.

You can find what your city's boosts are by looking in your Main Hall under Relics. Your boosts are highlighted and you can also see what % boosted you are currently at and how many relics you need to gain the next +%

Your boosted goods are set for your city as soon as you created your city.. it just takes time to unlock them all.

This is also what it means when someone starts talking about Tiers of goods as shown above

FYI: The order that the goods are listed in your Main Hall is also the order the tournament follows.

Sentient Goods

Much later in your game progression, you will reach chapter 12 "The Elementals" where you will be introduced to sentient goods.

S1 aka T4 or T1+1 -- Researchable chapter 12
Moonstone -- (Marble)
Platinum -- (Steel)
Elven Tree Gum -- (Planks)

S2 aka T5 or T2+1 -- Researchable chapter 13
Obsidian -- (Crystal)
Arcane Ink -- (Scrolls)
Royal Velvet -- (Silk)

S3 aka T6 or T3+1 -- Researchable chapter 14
Silly Soap -- (Elixir)
Alloy Shrooms -- (Magic Dust)
Cosmic Bismuth -- (Gems)

Up until now, you have been told to have only your boosted factories in your city. The +1 formula is used to figure out which sentient good you will be boosted in and which factory you will need to make to produce it.

Example Of T1+1:

If a player's boosted T1 is Marble then you would add +1 to it and you would end up with Steel, which would mean you would need to build a Steel factory and level it up to be able to produce your new boost; Platinum. You would use the list of goods as shown in the game or as listed above.

When you level a manufactory to its max for that chapter you will lose the ability to produce 1 and 2-day productions and they will be replaced with a 3 and 9-hour sentient good production for that type of factory.

Using the example above, if you were to level your marble factory to lv24 then you would lose the 1 and 2-day marble productions and they would be replaced with 3 and 9-hour Moonstone productions. But you will not be boosted in Moonstone so you must weigh the value of losing your 1 and 2-day productions for ranking points or increased 3 and 9-hour Marble production. You will need to make a steel factory and level it up to the max level to get the benefit of your S1 boost of Platinum.

Sentient goods can be traded like all other productions. Once you upgrade your trader it will add the ability to trade your sentient goods with other players. Unlike the other tiers of goods which can only be traded to neighbors or fellowship members, Sentient goods are traded on a global scale.

Ascended Goods

In chapter 18 Ascended Goods are introduced.

A1 aka T1+2 -- Researchable chapter 18
Primordial Minerals -- (Marble)
Ignited Ingots -- (Steel)
Scholarly Sprouts -- (Planks)

A2 aka T2+2 -- Researchable chapter 19
Ethereal Aerosols -- (Crystal)
Wonder Wax -- (Scrolls)
Finest Flying Powder -- (Silk)

A3 aka T3+2 -- Researchable chapter 20
Spicy Spread -- (Elixer)
Genius Granules -- (Magic Dust)
Marvelous Marbles -- (Gems)

Your new boosted Ascended Good will be your current boosted Regular Good +2. If your boosted Basic Good is Marble, then your new boosted Ascended Good will be Scholarly Sprouts (Planks), for Steel, it will be Primordial Minerals (Marble) and for Planks, it will be Ignited Ingots (Steel). As with your Regular Goods, you will get a boost according to the number of relics you have in store for the respective good.

Ascended Goods can be traded with other players. In order to trade Ascended Goods with other players, you need to upgrade to the Superior Trader. Unlike other goods, these can only be traded via the Merchant which is also available in your Trader menu.

One Two Three Star Trades

As a new player, you will hear or read about 1, 2, or 3-star trades either on the forum or most likely a fellowship overview and maybe are wondering what it means

The stars are used to place a comparative value on items being offered or accepted by the trader.

1-star trade is less than an equal trade
2-star trade is an equal trade
3-star trade is more than equal trade

For new players sometimes trades look one-sided but still show 2 stars saying they are equal, this is because each tier of good has different values

Each tier of goods are worth more than the tier before it

Tier 1 Marble :marble: / Steel :steel: / Planks :plank:
Tier 2 Crystal :crystal: / Scrolls :scroll: / Silk :silk:
Tier 3 Elixir :elixir: / Magic Dust :magicdust: / Gems :gem:

Trading from one tier of good for another tier of good is called Cross Tier Trading

Another factor that determines the star rating is the trader's fee for trading with cities you have not discovered on the map yet. The trade might have started off as an equal value but once the 50% trader fee is added it has dropped the trade down to a 1-star. There is no trader fee when trading within a fellowship even if you have not discovered other members' cities, it is one of the benefits of joining a fellowship

The star value is automatically set by the game once you place a trade and can not be player manipulated.
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New Player FAQ:

I have a quest to make a "Insert name here" but I cant find it anywhere.

Answer: All Workshops, Factories and Guest Race production buildings have named productions and this is most likely what you need to check to find and make, to finish the quest.

Examples: Your quest/task is to make Advance Tools or Dwarven Statue . Advanced Tools is the name of the 3 hour Workshop Production. Dwarven Statue is the name of the 2-day production in the Copper Foundry.

2) What are those buildings on the mountain in the back ground of some cities?

Answer: These are the product of building certain Ancient Wonders. There are 6 Ancient Wonders that provide a building in the background of your city.

3) I have a Task/Quest to build Ancient Runes but I can not find it.
Answer: The Ancient Runes are an Elven Culture building that you can find on page 2 of the culture building list 3rd one on the top row

4) How do I get a Blueprint?
Answer: Blueprints are available Via the 10th chest won in a tournament and you will need to be in a fellowship to compete in a tournament to get one. In some events, Blueprints are provided as prizes.

5) I have a building I placed and it has a red circle with a line floating above it. What does that mean?
Answer: A red circle with a line through it floating above a building means it is unpowered and not connected to the main hall Via a road. Check your roads and pay particular attention to roads that run behind buildings. Guest Race settlements buildings have different connection requirements. If you see this with a Settlement building, check the requirements to be sure you have it correctly connected.

6) Is there a way to rotate buildings?
Answer: NO.
Elvenar has a certain puzzle aspect to it and you must build your city with this in mind. In every chapter, you will be able to research building upgrades that will change the sizes and facings of most of your buildings. This is one of the most asked for or suggested features of this game and the answer has always been NO.

7) Can I sell my Barracks or Magic Academy?
Answer: NO. Once placed the Barracks and Magic Academy can not be sold or teleported into your inventory.

8) Should I join a fellowship?
Answer: Yes. There is no good reason not to join a fellowship. Fellowships provide 24 other players to trade with no trader fees, instant access to 24 other players and their knowledge and answers to your questions via fellowship chat, Tournaments, Fellowship Adventures, and Ancient Wonder support systems. Even if you are Anti-Social or a "Lone Wolf" a fellowship's benefits outweigh any negative you can think of. No one says you have to chat, and with the new neighborly visit system, it is quicker than ever to do fellowship visits. There are thousands of fellowships each with its own playstyle and rules. The trick is to find one that meets your needs and what you want to get out of this game. If you join a fellowship and do not like it, you can always leave it and search for another one.

9) I am in a fellowship and our Archmage is inactive, What can we do?
2 options are available to you
1) Make a new fellowship and everyone in the old can join it
2) Contact in-game support and they can help you replace your Archmage

10) I can not collect my "Insert name here" and it shows as gray.
There are a few items in Elvenar that have a max capacity, such as Gold, Supplies, and most Guest Race goods. If you can not collect one of these, then that means your storage capacity has been reached.

11) I have been a forum member for "X" amount of time, Why does it still show me as a new member?
A forum member's status is based on trophy points earned and not how long they have been a forum member. If you click on your name you will see Trophy Points and if you click the number it will take you to the achievements needed to earn trophies.

12) Do I need to sell my old roads to be able to place new ones?
Answer: No,
you can build your new roads right over the top of the old ones, the game automatically removes the old roads as the new ones are placed, so the culture bonus is not accumulative.

13) I am getting ready to start a new chapter, is it ok to sell my "Insert name here"?
It depends. If you are caught up on all of the research and quests from the prior chapter, then yes, you can sell your chapter-specific buildings. Sometimes there will be a quest requiring you to sell your Portal that gives Diamonds as a reward. The chapter will may have optional researches that require guest race goods and sometimes upgrading roads will require guest race goods. So if you didn't complete those, you will need the Settlement buildings and Portal to finish them as Portal profits will provide goods for the next Chapter once you complete the first research for it.

In general, if you have quests from the next chapter, you've finished the quests from the prior chapter and can sell off your Portal without missing a quest to do so.

14) If I sell my guest race portal what happens to all the stuff it has stored in it?
Once the portal is sold your inventory that was in it does not go away you just can not see how much of it you have anymore. It is still there, it's just in limbo. As of now the only way to see how much of a previous guest race goods you have left is to rebuild a past portal and check.
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FAQ part 2

1) I accidentally sold my "Insert name here" what can I do?
Contact in-game support. Support will replace an accidentally deleted building once per account. Settlement buildings and expiring buildings are ineligible for replacement.

2) I am in the new chapter, and I am still seeing old quests from the last chapter.
Once you complete the first technology in the next chapter, the previous chapter's quests become declineable. You can then cancel them over and over until you are caught up with the current chapter.

3) How do I change my password?
You can change your password at the login screen for the game. Click "forgot password". Enter your email address. You will receive an email with instructions to change your password.

4) What is the difference between rank and score?
"Rank" and "score" are both measures used in the game to indicate general progress. While related, they aren't the same thing.

Rank is simply a measure of how your score compares to other players in that world. This is the number that displays underneath your player photo in your city and this number can go up or down depending on your progress and the progress of every other player in that world.

Your score is the number displayed in your fellowship window and this number increases when buildings are built or upgraded. Your score is what determines your rank, both within the specific world and within your fellowship. The higher your score, the lower your rank (generally). As you add and upgrade buildings, your score will increase. Your rank still might decrease as the rank is a relative number, impacted by all the other players in that world.

5) How do I get orcs to negotiate encounters?
You can start producing orcs in your armories after they are upgraded to level 20. If you are already encountering orcs and you are unable to upgrade your armories to level 20, it is possible you’ve simply scouted too far in one direction, or, you could have already used up all the non-orc provinces.

Orcs do not start as a requirement for negotiation until the 11th province distance from your city. There are 222 provinces within the first 10 rings, and only 160 provinces are required to enter Orcs. Players will want to weigh the pros and cons of scouting so far past the game requirements/recommendations when choosing their game strategy.

You can read more about producing orcs here

6) I am training troops, but I am not seeing an increase in my armies.
When you move forward in research and unlock Squad Size Upgrades, the number of units required to fill each squad will increase making it appear that you have fewer fighters. The number that is displayed under any particular fighter represents the number of squads that are available for you to use in battles, not the number of single units you have for that fighter.

For example, if your squad size is 1 and you have 100 Archers, you will see the number 100 displayed under your Archers. If you unlock a Squad Size upgrade technology and your squad size is now 2, the number under your Archers will now display 50 squads. You still have the same number of single Units, but more of them are now required to fill a squad which will reduce the number displayed under your fighters.

7) I purchased a new mobile device or computer, and it says my user is not found
When you are at the login screen, at the top of the screen you will see a flag icon, or language dropdown (on mobile). That flag icon will allow you to choose between US, EN Beta etc. Please be sure your other device is logging into the US servers first.

8) My screen is very small or very large.
Use Ctrl - 0 to reset your browser zoom to 100%. If you wish to zoom back out or in after resetting, you can click Ctrl + or -.

9) Can I transfer my account to someone else?
Players must keep their own login data, passwords, and access data secret. Disclosing your password to other players is strictly prohibited.

10) How can I start a city in a new world, or how can I change worlds?
Find the cogwheel in the lower corner of your screen. From there click "log out". Once logged out you will see a list of worlds.

11) I crafted Ambrosia and/or Night Essence and I am unable to collect them.
A. The portal must be upgraded to the right level before these goods can be stored. You can read more about the Fairy portal here.

12) I just received a Heavy Melee Regiment Instant. Can anyone tell me how to use it?
A Troop instant goes directly into your inventory, which you can access via the Spells Inventory icon at the bottom of the city page. You can find it under the "Instants" tab. The Instant will stay there until you use it. Once you click on it, the squads will be added to your Army Camp. You can see your army camp by clicking on your Barracks building and selecting the "Army Camp" tab.

In most events Unit Instants are won as a Daily prize only, prizes won from the Chests are individual units and are added directly to your Army Camp. Sometimes the quantities are small enough that they will not increase your current number of available squads for that unit.

13) How do I send Orcs to "Spare time Activity" or "Raid"?

. "Spare Time Activities" and "Raid" are productions in your Orc Rally Point.
All Workshops, Factories, and Guest Race production buildings have specific names for each of their productions
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