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    Your Elvenar Team

Magical Minstrels Recruiting/seeking Merge

Due to the cycle of life, we are down to 10 members.

About us:

We currently have openings for this fellowship and are open to another fellowship merging with us. Please join our amazing team! All players are welcome, however, it would be a plus to have a score around 292951 and to have one or more of the following boosts: marble, silk, and gems. If you are a low-level player, we will help you to learn the game and grow your city.

We strike a good balance between FUN, competition, FUN, serious play, FUN, and a strong sense of support.

We are a diverse family and understand when Real Life comes up. We strive to make 10 chests every tournament. Typically, we get silver on the Spire, participate in the FS Adventures and have a kp chain. Join the incredible team we’ve put together.

You can look up Magical Minstrels on Elvenstats:https://www.elvenstats.com/fellowship/us2/4378

Have a great day!


New Member

I see you have 4 players I am in Purple Unicorn and we need 4 active players it would be easier for you to come over to us if interested. We get 9 chest in the tournament and could reach 10 if we had a full fellowship. You can check out our overview if you like.
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