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Mama Juul's Fusion Feast


Well-Known Member
It says it starts May 9th if you check the Announcements section. You can get straight to the thread by clicking the bold name of event in the first post in this thread just scroll up.
Exactly. And I dutifully relayed that info to my FS. Now I'm getting the side eye from folks because the normal 72-hour countdown timer did not appear this morning.


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
I am already worried about the effort it will take to spend the event currency on Beta, never mind what that will mean for live realms.

None of the offers for customer orders are all that stellar, and furthermore they vary a bit, so you can't just say, oh I want the elven girl and Robert only, the rest are no good. Speaking of Robert, his buildings may be one of the few that are worth getting, but they are available in a Tome in Silver and Gold League

The Crystal Caps are buggy


The 48-hour countdown timer is here.



Oh Wise One
Unless I have missed something, I don't see a single building on the prize list I would place in my city. Looks like I will be targeting the days that give troop instants with most of my event currency. You know the prizes for an event are bad when what you are most looking forward to is that the event will help your Temple of Spirits make more Unurium! :(