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Your ranking is correct per square, but one thing to consider is that mana buildings require roads. Because of that, the Weeping Willow is my top pick for mana producers from the build menu in Ch. 9. You would need so many more road tiles to get the same amount of mana from the tiny Treant's Grave, making it much less efficient in the long run.

Yes, it can absolutely be worth it when you first get into the chapter and need to start making mana. I started with 2 or 3 Willows myself, and still had 1 by the end, just for the culture it provided. The key is to be on the look out for other sources of mana in the MA, events (the Magical Nutcracker, today's daily, is the only building in this event that gives mana in your chapter), and seasons. Any of those buildings are almost certainly going to be better than anything from the build menu.

Festival Merchants are craftable in the MA, as are Mana Sawmills. Festival Merchants are the better producer of the two. I personally would not spend precious RR's on any building that can be crafted. It can take a little while, but crafting new ones when you change chapter allows you to use your RR's on more valuable buildings, such as evolving buildings or sets.
This is super helpful!!! Thank you!!


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Chapter 10 was when Mana problems started hitting me as well. It seemed like every upgrade or technology demanded Mana and at a far faster rate than I could provide it. When I asked for advice, most people suggested the Arcane Library as a good source. The problem was that I had very little space available, and what could be freed up would be in small patches. An Arcane Library requires 5x3 and produces 200/h which meant I might might be able to squeeze in two or three. The Witches Market Stall solved my Mana/space problem nicely. A Witch Stall is 4x1 and provides 66/h allowing me to place quite a few of them throughout my city. I filled every nook and cranny I could find with these Mana producers. It didn't look pretty, but it worked great.



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My (stage 10) Witty Raccoon does mana in chapter 9 now. With the feeding effect of 200% self-production boost, it's also good for us small folks that already had it and need mana.

Lady Dastardly

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In the upcoming Floral Awakening event,
the first daily prize is the Tender Tag Team, which is an excellent mana producer in Ch. 9 & 10. It switches to seeds in Ch. 11.


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I received an Aureate Willow from the Season of Joy event today (# 29, it's one of three options). It's a mana producer with small pop & culture as well.


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As I undergo the project of creating a guide for the chapter I am currently in I have found that a table would be most handy. This table would be divided by chapters and show the key aspects of each mana producer in its current chapter. Some of these aspects beside mana per square would be early collection and where it may be acquired. Can anyone think of other important factors when choosing a mana producer? I assume all must be built next to a road. Anything else?


Set Designer
I assume all must be built next to a road. Anything else?
Yes, mana buildings must have a road access to the main hall. I use set buildings, so I can get around this because only one part of the set needs to be connected by road if the other pieces are connected to each other.