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Manual Battle on Mobile

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I play on mobile (iPad), can someone tell me how to manually control battles, as ever time I hit the “fight” button after selecting troops, it auto fights the battle for me.

Than you!


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Seriously, kind of a major part of the game......
While the browser game has been around a couple of years at least, the mobile version is a new release as of Nov 2017. The company stated on release that mobile was not a full feature version. They are constantly adding features to mobile, but for now I don't view it as a way to fully play the game. Visiting neighbors is definitely easier and quicker on mobile, so I use that daily. If I am away from a browser, it's pretty nifty for collecting/resetting productions. But when I had to be AFK for over 10 hours one day last week right in the middle of the Fellowship Adventures I was coordinating and the weekly tournament, it annoyed me, too. lol! No access to either of those features. But, I reminded myself that just a few short months ago, I wouldn't have had access to one.single.thing. for all those hours. And I could access chat and get our members to tell me where we were with the adventures and provide direction/clarification on next steps. So, mobile is definitely better than nothing, and getting better each week.


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Many Android phones (and probably iPhones too) support the Puffin browser which has Flash support to allow running the browser version of Elvenar. It takes some getting used to, but I've used it to fight manually as well as to access all the other functionality that is only available with the browser version. It's well worth learning how to use it for those times when you are away from your computer. Here are some important things you need to know to use the Puffin browser.

1) Once you have logged into Elvenar and entered your city you have to turn your phone sideways. Hopefully this puts it into widescreen mode. If not then you need to do whatever is required to put your phone in widescreen mode.
2) Hit the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner to open the menu then select "Flash Theater". This is the first key step and after doing this you can do most things like read email, visit neighbors and give help or donate KP to their Ancient Wonders.
3) You can also respond to emails or enter text to chat with your fellows, When you need to enter text you must click on keyboard symbol located somewhere on the lower part of the screen. This feature can be very frustrating to use because the keyboard covers up everything and you probably can't see what you are typing. If your keyboard supports speech-to-text you may want to use that. Speak very carefully and clearly to minimize errors. To close the keyboard hit the back button. That is the button on your phone you hit when you want to go back to a previous page or window.
4) Manual fighting will require use of the mouse. You access the mouse by clicking on the 3-dots located somewhere along the bottom of the screen. Then click on the mouse symbol. A small black arrow will appear in the upper left area of the screen. That's your mouse pointer. Just position the arrow as you normally would and tap the arrow to simulate a left-click. Now here is something you need to be mindful of. When the mouse is activated you can still click on things the usual way without using the mouse arrow. However, I haven't found this to be consistent. It seems that if you place the arrow and click on or near the arrow it will consistently click on what the arrow is pointing to. However, if you tap the screen far from the arrow it may select whatever you just tapped on rather than what the arrow is pointing at or it may choose what the arrow is pointing at. I've wasted some time instants when I opened the time instants menu hoping to use something like a 5 minute instant and the menu popped up with the arrow pointing at the 8hr time instants. I then went to tap to move to the page with the 5 minute instants, but instead of going to the next page it clicked on the 8hr instant thus wasting an 8hr instant. This has happened several times when I wasn't mindful that I had the mouse activated and where the mouse was pointing. Just be careful. Once the mouse is activated it is best to point it at whatever you want to click on and then tap the arrow rather than other parts of the screen.
5) If the keyboard or the 3 dots at the bottom of the screen are covering something you need to see or click on you can drag them to another location.

I hope this is helpful