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Method to improve troop selection for auto-fight.

Method to improve troop selection for auto-fight

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Chef - loquacious Old Dog
Ramble on all you want. Just don't quote me and then argue with something that isn't in the quote because I changed my opinions a log time ago. It's cheap and deceitful.

If I made the mistakes to which you allude, I apologize. While it is not often I make such mistakes, I can and have on ocassion. So, taking your word for it, I am sorry.



Ex-Team Member
Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know I have put out a reminder in regard to several forwarded ideas, this included. Soon as I hear something, I will update here accordingly.

You have not been forgotten!


Well-Known Member
I love this suggestion; it's something I've wanted for quite a while. But I think not knowing the terrain is a feature rather than a bug as far as Inno is concerned. It's what makes Scrolls and other provinces with Mist Walkers so much harder to fight. The Mist Walkers hit hard and fast and you can't scout the terrain without usually taking a pretty hard hit as well as spending the time it takes to scout. So you just make your best guess at how to fight it and go for it. Inno is currently in the process of trying to make things harder rather than easier so I don't see it happening any time soon.


Ex-Team Member

The development team really likes your idea @Yogi Dave and has been added to their list of things we should do. As with all things (you have been around long enough :p) there are no ETA of implementations :)

I hope future suggestions do not take this long :( I am sorry for the late response, but unfortunately, all I can do is bug them enough to respond and they did!