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Monk or banshees


Priest is one of the best troop types humans have, so I'm not sure banshee is worth trying to use before you get to the 3-star banshee tech. Banshee and blossom mages are super useful for elves before then, because the elf barracks mage troop is pretty wimpy

Banshee specializes against heavy range units, so if you're up against a lineup that's all or almost entirely heavy range, you can certainly try them and see how they compare to priests, or you could try a combination of priests and banshees and see how that works

It's also worth considering training time in barracks vs training grounds, and whether or not you'd prefer to focus on training priests that are good against heavy range AND heavy melee or make both priests and banshees

My human tournament city only has banshees at 1 star so I haven't played with them at all there, once they get to 2 star I'll probably try them out and see how they compare


Priests/monks if its all heavy ranged, or just 1 heavy melee.
Banshees if its 2+ heavy melee.
That's mostly for "end game" though.

Really though its whatever unit at the time has the most stars + the fastest training speed.