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Moonstone as Boosted Good


New Member
I am in chapter 12 when the Moonstone/Platinum/Elven Tree Gum show up as basic Sentient goods. It looks like Moonstone is considered the boosted (based on relics in the Main Hall) Sentient Good for me, which is produced by Marble manufactories. Since the beginning I had focused on boosted goods which for my city are Planks/Silk/Magic Dust and upgraded them through out the game. Now that I am in chapter 12, and the Sentient Goods have been introduced, does that mean that I need to build a Marble manufactory and upgrade it until it begins to produce Moonstone in order to benefit from it being boosted? Would the other 2 Sentient goods (Platinum/Elven Tree Gum) be produced at a reduced rate compared to Moonstone?

I appreciate any insights you could share with me.


Oh Wise One
@Yacmbous Yes if your regular boosted tier 1good is planks then your tier 1 boosted sentient good will be Moonstone. And you will need to build and upgrade at least 1 marble manufactory to produce it. You will be able to produce Tree Gum in your planks manufactories once you upgrade them. But I don't recommend this. Trying to produce sentient goods in non-boosted manufactories is just as inefficient as trying to produce regular goods in non-boosted manufactories.

It is also important to know that Magical Manufacturing enchantments will increase sentient good production just like it does regular good production. The Elvenar Trade Center wonder can really help make sentient goods since it buffs your MM spells AND gives you seeds. The bonus to production from Mountain Halls will not help make sentient goods, MH only increases regular good production. However later in the game both the Time Warp and the Vortex of Storage AWs will give a boost to sentient good production.

There are also several buildings you can upgrade to make sentient goods. Both the Moonstone Gate and the Gum Trees in the Moonstone Library set will produce sentient goods if upgraded to Elementals level. And several of the evolving buildings will switch to sentient goods when upgraded to Elementals level. Watchful Winter Owl, Red Panda, Ashen Phoenix, Triumph of Tides, and Festive May Tree all will. There are others. What is just listed is off the top of my head and I'm almost certain I am leaving out some.
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@Henroo thank you so much for your response. I appreciate the details, very helpful!

I just went through this in my city. My basic boost is planks, so my sentient boost is moonstone. You have to upgrade a planks manu to 24* to make Elven Tree Gum, and a marble manu to 24* to make moonstone. Production is 350/3 hr for tree gum and 2800/3 hr for moonstone.