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Mykans Guide - Culture


Oh Wise One
This guide forms part of a larger guide Mykans Guide

There are 3 aspects to culture:
  1. Required culture – that which is needed to build/grow your town
  2. Bonus culture – used to obtain a bonus for coin and supplies, your fellowship can help with this
  3. Mana – New feature coming with the Wood Elve Guest race (future addition)
If you have not built enough culture objects and buildings you are prevented from upgrading and growing your town until you build more, watch the number to the right of your population to ensure you stay above the required culture. Once you start to build culture buildings (swans, trees, codex, butcher, etc.) your fellowship members can start to help you by helping these when they visit your town. These visits increase the bonus culture only NOT required culture values. Watch the little sun picture, the brighter less cloudy the better the bonus, hover over the icon for more detail.

The general strategies are:
  1. Only build enough culture buildings to meet required culture
  2. Build enough culture buildings to obtain the 150% culture bonus without assistance. As you access the higher culture buildings you maybe able to build to less than 150% culture without assistance and still be able to obtain the higher bonuses when buildings are helped.
The below tables show you how many additional squares of residences or workshops you would need to obtain the same coins and supplies that come from that bonus %. More details on the assumptions in this calculation can be found in the Magic Academy section, refer ensorcelled endowment.

As an example in one of the below tables. Lets assume you are in Era 7 and have 40 houses. The table shows that a 125% bonus for that era and number of houses is equivalent to 112 squares. If you can achieve the 125% bonus, including neighbourly help, using less then 125 squares of culture then the bonus is more efficient for you in terms of coin production.

Similar idea for workshops, this time lets say you have 10 workshops in era 7 but have a 150% bonus. You would need 190 squares of factories and support building to produce the supplies provided by the culture boost.




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Oh Wise One
Culture per square
To maximise space it is best to maximise the benefits per square of your different buildings. Here are some lists of free culture items showing per square benefits.




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Only A Thought Mykans -maybe you could HighLight or put an * next to - the culture ones that can be hit again ! (polished -buffed-visited again )


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Nice table, however, something is amiss here. You will receive help no matter what you do, because those who do it, they actually do it to help themselves, not you LOL.
So this being said, clicks are gonna come your way. Now, what you have to think about is this. If, for example, you need 3-4 clicks on your cultures simultaneaously to go up one tier in your bonus, how much gold will you actually get extra from your houses during this time? Perhaps getting all your clicks on Main Hall (emphasize this in your city name to get this kind of help more often) will yield you more, AND you dont even have to bother having so many culture buildings. However, you will likely produce less supplies, because MH help will not give you supplies, only gold. I guess with the saved space, build an extra factory or something :)
So, in conclusion, one should calculate Main Hall revenue compared to housing revenue. Depending on how high either of those are, you might have a different decision in the end.