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Need help with finding/creating bug report


Buddy Fan Club member
The issue is the text in the mouse over info boxes for production buildings displaying incorrect info. It is usually the info for a nearby building (but the building name in the pop up is correct, just not the details) or a building recently moused(is that a word?) over. I don't want to create a report if this is a known issue; I've seen it off and on forever, so I'm guessing it is, but search of bug reporting forums yielded no results. I may not be using the best search terms either. Several FS members have reported it as well. Seems to be annoying because of checking times on badge productions for this FA.


Ex-Team Member
Hello samidodamage,

We have verified that your stated issue is actually not a bug. Your mention issue can be the result of many culprit, such as a slow connection that can result in delay communication between your mouse and the server. I have experienced the issue at times but only when I have slow connection with my network.

I hope this help!


Buddy Fan Club member
Thanks, Xelenia, that's kinda what I thought, that my old desktop's graphics card is probably being pushed to it's limit, lol! I just wondered when several FS members also brought it up.