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Need new fellowship!!

Dark Haru

New Member
I'm not very big yet...16924. But I am an active player and very much wants to be on an active fellowship.
My boosts: Marble, crystal, gem. Let me know if you can use me for the upcoming FA. I have 10 workshops, but will only have 4 sets of 1T, and at least 26 instants of 10KP. I don't have an AW yet due to lack of room but I hope to add one by the time the FA starts.



Hi Haru,
You are welcome to join our fellowship, Paradox Collective Logic, on US3 - Felyndral. We are very active in fellowship adventures and are already beginning to plan ahead. I believe you would rank 5th in our FA, as far as scores go. Your production of gems would likely be helpful. However, our FS is lowest in metal, scrolls, and dust. Feel free to check our stats out on elvenstats.com
The graphs speak for themselves, as far as our active participation goes. Our current rank is 404.