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Negative Population


New Member
Hey everyone
Quick question - i have a lot of difficulty keeping up population. I want to make space in my city to build more houses, but the buildings I want to sell are culture that gave me population. If I sell them my population will go into the negative. Is this a bad thing? Will it affect my fellowship in any way?
Please help.


Negative population will just make it so you can only build/upgrade things that require none until you get back to positive. I've been 17K negative... no big deal if you have a plan to dig out without being stuck for ages. ;)

Edit: Where it can become a problem is if you are still negative when an event asks for non-boost to fulfill a quest and you don't have non-boosted factories built and can't build any. So just make sure you are in a position to fix it or don't care about skipping events.
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