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Neighborly Help Calculator Questions


Active Member
Hi all,

I'm making a calculator to help provide some insight into what I should be requesting neighborly help for (i.e., should I request MH before culture, etc). It's looking good so far, and I can get it to work perfectly for my city as-is right now, but I'm currently missing the necessary data to make the calculator usable by others whose cities aren't exactly where mine is right now.

The key data point I'm missing is how many coins you receive when someone gives neighborly help to your MH. Right now my MH is level 27, and I'm getting 147k coins per neighborly help, but I can't seem to find a table (or a formula) anywhere that will tell me how many coins you receive at other levels. The 147k coins I receive is 0.668% of my MH coin capacity, but I'm not comfortable assuming that's the formula without at least another couple data points.

Does anyone have a table or formula for this, or could you point me in the direction of one? Any help would be appreciated.


Active Member
Fantastic, thanks! I'm going to post it in the General forum in case anyone is interested in taking a look at it.