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Not for everyone


New Member
This Butterfly is abrasive and vocal, yet is not unkind. She seeks a Fellowship that is eager to chat via the Game's messenger, and seeks one where many Fellows are in US mountain time or nearby, so she can inflict her sense of humor in real-time, and get to know them in turn. For those who give a damn about game stats, her City is boosted in Stone, Cloth and Baubles. Her combat strategy in this game is high tier and scarily effective, and she is willing to share her knowledge of fighting, even though most of the time she's too lazy to fight encounters herself.

She doesn't much like rules. Or safe spaces for speech.

Tournaments? She doesn't much give a damn, though she'll always fight above her level.

Trades? She forgets to look most of the time, but if a Fellow draws her attention to a trade, she'll make it if she can. She supports cross tier trades and thinks they are essential, but when she places them she makes sure they are fair.

Tirades? Sure!

Fellowship Adventures: She's good for long productions contributed at the last moment, when everyone thought the Dream was lost.

Sarcasm? If you insist. Or if you don't. Deal with it.

Yeah. If this Girl sounds like someone your Fellowship cannot live without, you're likely right so give her a shout on Elvenar. Username Itzpapalotl.


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