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Oh Wise One
They are not the same so they really can't be directly compared. Grounds of the Orc Strategist makes Orc Strategists, which are a heavy ranged combat unit. Orc Nests make orcs. Orcs are a resource, you use them for stuff like negotiating, building upgrades, and unlocking tech advances. And in the Orcs chapter, they are needed to make guest race goods. You can also use orcs to train Orc Strategists in the Training Grounds building.


Tetris Master
@Saerwin They are different units, even though named similarly.

Orc Nests gives you Orcs, same as armories (in later chapters), and as shown in our discovered resources, and is a resources you use for catering, research and building upgrades. Orc Nests are good producers per tile per hour.

Grounds of the Orc Strategist gives you Orc Strategist, same as in Training Grounds, and is a unit you use for fighting in provinces, tournament and spire.