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Open | In progress Persistent display Error on mobile


Personal Conductor
Persistent Mobile Issue across all worlds. Issue has been reported multiple times on multiple accounts by multiple players across several years.

The Quest giver image in game does not match with the quests. This happens in the normal quests and often in event quests.

Game version: Several? Earliest forum post in 2021.
Game world: Verified personally on Elcysandir, Harander, Ceravyn, Khelonaar
Browser + version: Mobile + ?
Account name:
I have reported this bug on Iyapo1 2021-05-07 during an event, and again on iyapo account recently.
Humans or Elves: Elves for me but humans on mobile also have this problem

Reproducibility: 4/5

Current situation:
On mobile the questgiver image does not match with the Character identified as giving the quest.

Expected situation: Can MODs look for an update on this issue?

Screenshots of the bug:

Edit: moderated tone and added more images.
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Personal Conductor
Many players love this game for the artwork. Allowing mobile players to see individual quest givers would increase player engagement and participation, imo.

Could other players with this issue please chime in.


Flippers just flip
I'm on mobile too. I actually stopped following the questline back around ch7 when I realized my builder seems to have a bit of a split personality going on. It was just disturbing. There has also never been any building movement in my city beyond level 1 manufacturies and level 1 workshops and people walking around.
After the last update, I suddenly have different questgiver characters and some of my AWs move now. None of my other buildings move but if I visit people, I can see their Magic Academy stream flowing.


Personal Conductor
I had that happen once. It was the first goblin flower, Queen Fairies Retreat. With that update, for the first time I actually got to see the Avatars for the character speaking. To this day it is my favorite event.

Usually Rivenor talks to Rivenor or to Mentor Tanavar.

Edit to add: I have the little wizard for this event. Rivenor is taking a break.
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Personal Conductor

Cromebook question, on the mobile app, do you have unique images for your quest givers? I don't. I play on a Samsung phone.


Well-Known Member
@Iyapo Yes, even though I only have 1 quest in each world (the Elvenar leader in Ch15 in Felyndral, the Goblin dude in Ch7 in Aryndell).


Flippers just flip
After the last update, my Magic Academy stream started flowing, but now nothing moves in my neighbors cities again, except little people street walking.
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Personal Conductor
The Dwarves have arrived in my city! I can not wait to see the artwork for the Guest races......

I forgot, I don't have guest races. Just a builder with issues.


Well-Known Member
I wonder (pure speculation here!) if this is a bandwidth/RAM/device limitation issue. I remember reading a while back the developers stating that the reason why many mobile devices do not animate the buildings is because of the limitations of the device (I'm guessing either not enough RAM or not enough bandwidth; probably lack of RAM). Those quest givers would require additional bandwidth/RAM so perhaps the game is deciding the device is too weak to handle them and just isn't downloading them.


Personal Conductor
I think you are probably right. I think the questgiver image files are in one giant file, an all or nothing download. It probably includes ALL quest giver images for the whole game.
What I do not understand is why 3 years later they still have not reduced the content in that file the way they reduced the content of the building image files.

If I want to visit a chapter 20 city I need to download additional content. Why can't I download additional content to get the 2 questgiver images in my current chapter?


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
What is happening is that they characters are all clones. Yep, it's just cheaper to raise a lot of clones than individual characters since they all wear the same clothing. If you have 20 of them you can really get a bargain on buying 20 pairs of identical shoes versus 20 personalized ones. And socks? They all wear the same so your washer has to eat a lot of socks before you end up with only one. So many advantages that the magic of Elvenar kicked in and now they are all just clones with different names.

See, I knew there was a right and proper explanation!



Personal Conductor
This storyline would be engaging if Rivenor was not having a one sided dialog with himself.


Well-Known Member
I checked both iPad and iPhone, and I have different avatars (I have two quests available right now, each of which has a different avatar).


Community Manager
Hey guys, this is indeed something that we are very aware of. This is being addressed to mirror the browser content for the quest givers. This will take time as it is pretty complex. But it has been underway for some time.