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Pick One of Five


Maybe some people would like to take part in a new game: Pick One of Five. Players are supposed to pick one out of the five items listed by the previous player and say why. Then they should post a new five-choice list. The items in the list can be anything, of any nature, anything at all (observing the law and forum rules though).

Here's an example:

1. Alexander the Great
2. Admiral Sun-Sin
3. Napoleon
4. Braxton Bragg
5. The Desert Fox


I'll be the first to choose.

I pick choice 3, Napoleon, because his rule put an end to the Middle Ages in Europe.

Here's the next list:
1. Serena Williams
2. Mia Hamm
3. Bilie Jean King
4. Annika Sorenstam
5. Bonnie Blair
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Does it have to be a list of people?
No, it doesn't. The list can even include items bundled randomly. Here's another example:

1. Pizza.
2. Guardians of the Galaxy 3
3. The Sleeping Beauty paradox
4. Remote work
5. Texas 42

(I will add my choice here too: I would pick number 4, Remote work, because if I can get that I can easily enjoy all the others as well.)
Pizza because the others neither taste good as breakfast nor support Android OS.

1 Time instants
2 Coin instants
3 Wonders instants
4 Supplies instants
5 Portal instants


Time instants. I wouldn't be able to enjoy the game without them.

1. South
2. Spotify
3. Open-endings
4. Garlic
5. Selfies


Active Member
South. Without it, I'd be limited to moving in a colder direction.

1. light-headedness
2. three extra fingers on one hand
3. a gumball machine
4. an attentive golem named Mario
5. rejuvenation
Light-headedness because it's actually quite enjoyable if you stop worrying and don't try to walk.

1. Chickens
2. Pens
3. Red
4. Bemusement
5. Hello


Pens, because they have to do with who I am.

1. An apology
2. Time travel
3. A Pittsburg potty
4. Deus ex machina
5. Loose ends


Active Member
Time travel-so I could go back in time and prevent Europeans from setting foot in North America until I had fully prepared the Native peoples to deal with them.

4-Shelby Mustang


Gator tail, because "it tastes like chicken" ( that tastes like fish, but still :) ).

1. Veri Peri
2. Wood
3. Spire
4. Petrichor
5. Spencer
Peace because it allows you the time to find the others

1 Telepathy
2 Telekinesis
3 Astral projection
4 Remote viewing
5 Mind control


Active Member
Remote viewing because I occasionally misplace it.

1. pomegranate
2. mango
3. dragon fruit
4. papaya
5. pineapple


Pomegranate, because it is probably the healthiest of the five and it reminds me of Persephone.

1. hood
2. Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle
3. channel
4. A
5. rugosity


Active Member
5-Josie and the Pussycats because girl power!

3-Sea cucumber
5-Scotch Bonnet