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Plank, silk, dust boosted needs new FS

  • Thread starter DeletedUser30612
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I was glanced at my current fellowship stats in elvenstats and discovered my boosts aren’t needed. I’m currently in chapter 3 fairly early in it. I’m boosted in planks, silk, and dust and would like to join a new fellowship on Saturday after tourney ends.


Buddy Fan Club member
We would love to have you join Winds of Summer :) We are new player friendly with lots of help available from experienced players. If you’re looking for a no pressure, relaxed fellowship come check us out. No invitation needed and I’d be glad to answer any questions.


Buddy Fan Club member
I see you’re not new to the game, just the forum. Your boosts would fit in great! Also, welcome to the forum! :)


Oh Wise One
@Kaylessa Wintermoon A good, active fellowship should be able to absorb the trades of a chapter 3 city regardless of boosts. Especially since the world map move. I get many more trades accepted by neighbors than I did before being moved. If you are otherwise happy with your current FS, I would not leave just because Elvenstats says your boosts are not ideal for the FS. But if you are having trouble getting trades accepted, it might be a sign your current FS is not active enough.

If Dreamyn2's FS does not work out for you, consider House of the Rising Sun. We're not high pressure but we perform very well in tournament, spire, and fellowship adventures. And some of our larger members clean the trader of all fellowship trades daily, regardless of boosts.