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Player exit from a Fellowship

Miserable Peach

New Member
Yes or no? Inno rules should be put in place that a player cannot join a Fellowship and then leave in the middle of a Tournament or Adventure. They should be made to wait unless INNO support deems a problem exists that cannot be overcome.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
If they are brand new, you haven't lost much in their leaving, although I grant you, it's a pain to lose anything. If they are experienced, then they should know better. They are either spiteful or stupid, and frankly, I wouldn't want anyone like that in my fellowship. Although it bites for this time, I'd say you're better off without them. As far as voting goes, though, I would go along with a rule stating you couldn't leave before the end of a fellowship. But I don't think it would be ideal. If you start doing that, then what about people who say you shouldn't leave in the middle of a tournament (especially a "push" tournament, for fellowships that only get 10 chests maybe once a month)? That hurts just as much as leaving in the middle of an FA. Inno simply cannot have that rule, because then you'd see mass exoduses on the weekends after a tourney, and that would be a nightmare with flooded traffic and glitches and downtime. Come to think of it, on second thought, I wouldn't go along with it after all. Think of this: at the end of an FA, there is usually very heavy traffic ... sometimes things don't update, the servers get flooded with last minute people trying to get that last badge in. And then right after, they are totalling up the scores. It's a VERY heavy traffic time for Inno. Having everyone wait until the end of the FA to leave their fellowship ... one more thing to add to the worst traffic time. Not a good idea. You might even see servers go off line. I'd hate that. And I think you'd hate it more if there was a glitch that lost some data, even than seeing a player leaving. I'm not saying it would happen, but given the fact that I've seen the server get glitching right at the end of the FA, it could.


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
I do wish there were a way of keeping the contributions of the player up to the point they leave. That's really the root of the problem. Keeping the player until the end of the thing does that due to the game mechanics and thus the "solution" would work to solve the root of the problem, but the cost would be too high, I believe. Imagine I'm in an fs and we have an argument that turns nasty. The AM can't boot me, I can't leave and well, then what? This is a case where the cure is worse than the disease, or very easily could be.

A better solution would be to points earned in a fellowship stay with the fellowship. So you you've earned 20 points and leave, the 20 stay with the fellowship you were in, and if they are "shared" where they contribute to your score AND the fellowships, the next fellowship doesn't get them though they do remain with you. So you earn 60 points, the first 20 in the first fellowship, the next 40 in the next fellowship. You get 60, and the first fellowship gets 20 and the second 40. That would solve the problem and leave things as they currently are in people moving for whatever reason.

How hard would it be to code? Probably a nightmare. So it's unlikely to be done. Sigh.



Well-Known Member
It makes no sense to me to keep a player who angry enough to leave a fs, even in middle of FA or Tourney.
Leaving means he no longer wants to contribute to the benefit of the fs. If he is unable to leave, he simply stops playing and waits till end.
I say, if he wants to leave, good riddance.
No to forcing him to stay.
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Chef - loquacious Old Dog
Abusable. Swapping Alt accounts in and out to rack up the easy points in provinces 1-6 for the benefit of your FS.
Inno just changed the rules for leaving and joining a FS on Beta specifically to prevent this.

Good point. Perhaps just turning off "fellowship contributions" for the player until the current Spire/Tournament/FA ends would be a cleaner solution? Once any running fellowship activities end, then their contributions for that thing would resume. And I would think it would be easier to implement as well.