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Player's City


New Member
Why can't a player delete his own city if he no longer wants to play using his current city layout? It takes quite a bit of player time to figure out how to layout your city and you don't figure this out until you have used up all the spaces allotted for building. A player may want to use a different tactic in a city layout depending on what that player wants to achieve in the game. Some players just stop playing and their city just sits there doing nothing but taking up space and resources. Or at least allow the FP mage have the ability to delete the city if requested by the player.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
Before the drastic route of hitting the history eraser button, players can also climb Spire for chance to win teleports, which allows them to put certain type of buildings into inventory to make room for city Tetris. However, if they want their city and all data deleted, they can just contact support by opening a ticket. Giving another player the power to delete someone else’s city will be rife with abuse and cause more issues. No players should have that much power over another player. Heck, people don’t even learn new game features before start clicking shiny new buttons, like Perks. Imagine a mage that signs in once every 3 months come in and start ejecting people because they’re wondering what the new button in his interface does. Oops, there goes your city! Was just wondering what this new toy does.