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Pointy Pony( (Stabby Horse) Seeking 6: A Modest Proposal


Active Member
Are you in a struggling fellowship with 18 of these
Screen Shot 2022-11-06 at 2.01.56 PM.png
when you look at the 25 member roster of your crew in Elvenstats?
Are the remainder of you becoming frustrated with barely managing to eke out 7 chests in Tournament and rarely hitting copper in Spire?
Think about coming over with your friends to Stabby Horse!!

At Stabby Horse we have 6 empty slots representing a great opportunity: we will happily invite up to 7 modestly to regularly active members. We have had our own struggles with folks just kinda disappearing and after many months we pruned, opening up 6 slots and one more we can open quite soon.

Even with 3 key players amongst the rest of us recently only partially participating due to IRL interruptions, we are still turning out 10 chests each week (though some weeks I wonder if we will make it) and silver in Spire. With modest participation from you and your friends (say 1000 pts average) 10 chests will be a snap and we will even rebuild our 15k perks tournament bank (holding steady around 5k at the moment). Plus you will be amongst a more active chat, a folks tolerant of all trading styles (we figure don't take what you don't want!).

So, come on and bring a few of your friends. IF you are less than 6, that is fine too!

Check us out. Our motto is Just Tryna Help Out


Well-Known Member
Update: We found 3 new players (yay!) but 4 slots are still open. Stabby Horse is a great mid-level FS: 10-11 chests & Silver+ Spire & top 100 FA for over a year, even when understaffed. Great for people who want solid prizes & a social atmosphere but not the commitment & organization that 15 chest/Gold spire teams need.


Active Member
Aaand, it is looking like we could free up 2 more slots too, so if there ARE 6 of you we can probably still accommodate, so, let us know!


Active Member
Still looking... with those new players, 10 chests in tournament has indeed become a Snap. Blueprints! Currently also hoping to find some more Spire players so we can hit gold now and then. big gulf between silver and gold. Come and join!!