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Proposal for a new building "The Reducing Cart"


Well-Known Member
I propose INNO introduce a new building "The Reducing Cart" (I am sure a better name can be found)

Like the Dwarven Armorer, the Reducing Cart would be a possible reward in the Spire Gold Chests.
It would be a 3x2 expiring building, oriented opposite to the DA and when place would grant a 25% reduction in carting cost in the tournaments.
I am not sure 25% is the right number, especially since the building should be stackable, but the DA grants 50% more health for all troops.

I believe this building will encourage more members to participate in the Spire.


Well-Known Member
I like the name :) and if it applied to catering in both the Spire & Tournaments, I would actually have motivation to complete the laboratory, which I have only bothered to do 4 or 5 times in the past 6 months.

The Astral Phoenix is a dud, because it only reduces Spire Catering costs, which in comparison to tournament catering is a pittance and not worth my precious Pet Food.

The Reducing Cart - I really like this idea