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Push Tournies - rotate or easiest?


Well-Known Member
Hi, all!

My FS started doing 10 chest pushes every 4 tournaments. We have had some folks suggest that, instead of doing a straight rotation, we should just go for the easiest province types. Thoughts?

(The main worry is that our next push will be scrolls, which is regarded by many as being one of the hardest to fight.)


Well-Known Member
Yes. Scrolls is the Hardest, specially for Elves.

Marble, not bad.
Steel is easiest.
Planks, harder then Marble. But not by far.
Crystal and Silk. Are ok Imo.
T3's... all are quite Hard.

Hope that helps. Try searching for threads. There's many with info about this.
One of mine has alot of insight, Fight or Negotiate.

Good luck! :)


Definitely pick and choose your tourneys. Our FS has a pretty good rotation of every Steel, every Silk, and then one of the Tier 3. Once you get a good base, and easily get success hitting 10 chests, you can add or try other tourneys. You can then also adjust to account for events or FSAs, if that's a thing for your FS.

We often have an issue where someone wants a particular tourney so they can get the relics. But if your FS also just generally does well (like averages 6-8 chests), then those players should be able to get the requested relics on their own.


Oh Wise One
I think it is very dependent on your group and on your goals. If all you want is a blueprint and nothing else matters than going for easy tournaments makes sense. If you are trying to gain relics for boosts or spells than rotating makes sense.

"Do the easy ones"
  • Easier to hit 10 chests
  • Different opinions around what is easy/easier. This can vary by race/chapter etc.
  • A person not at max boost might be forced to choose between a push week or getting max boosts. For example if your a scroll boost then your pretty much on your own, while a steel boost person might get more benefit from group rewards because they got lucky with an easier boost
4 week rotation
  • Every boosted relic/player gets a turn - This maximises boosts and spell production for certain spells (these vary by boost)
  • Learn how to do harder tournaments so you can eventually go 10 chest on them every week
  • Might miss 10 chests on certain push weeks
I am sure others can add to the list, things like elves v humans on certain provinces likely comes into play somewhere there as well.

Risen Malchiah

Well-Known Member
There are a few factors that might help make your decision. If all players boosts are maxed, then they will likely not need to push during those weeks any longer (unless they need relics to upgrade AWs). But if all players are at or near 700%, the weeks that will interest most players will be the ones that offer the relics for Magical Manufacturing spells. Those are the more difficult spells to acquire and use more relics to make. If you ever see a player who rarely does the tournament suddenly do 2k+ on an odd week, chances are they were going for relics.