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Reconstruction/Place everything into temp Storage Function

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Can we please have a function whereby all buildings can be placed into temporary storage?

I love this game, I love the absolutely stunning artwork, the events and even FA (though bi-annual would be preferrable lol) and the fantastic people I've met in my FS. On the whole it's a great escape from RL.

My two real gripes are space, enough to make our cities look beautiful instead of cramped and over populated, and of course the dreaded (for me) restructuring after each chapter to the point where I just cannot face it and leave that chore for three or four chapters.

I play another Inno game FofE and there is a function whereby with a click of the button I can remove every one of my building into "Temporary Inventory", except the town hall, and restructure/re-arrange my town. Can Inno devs not copy/adjust the code for Elvenar?


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Per the Ideas & Suggestions guidelines, this won't happen. It's been discussed & requested, but a definite no.

"Rotating Buildings - For starters, this ability will take away from the essence of the game. Can you imagine how easy the game will become if we can simply rotate the buildings' like puzzle pieces to fit as we wish? Additionally, design-wise, it is not possible making this a definite No.

Storing Buildings - Players can utilize the Teleport Spell, available through the Spire, to gain the ability to store buildings. There will not be a feature outside of the spell to store buildings."
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