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Recruiting Spire Player - A Good Place

Lorna the Good

New Member
Hello Fellows! A Good Place has an opening for an A-Spiring Spire player. We do a Gold push every 5 weeks followed by a 2nd Gold push the next week to maximize our Perks usage and troop boosts / Fire Phoenix feeds. The 2nd push is not required just suggested and we’ve been pretty successful with it. Players like that we get Gold and rewards on a regular basis but it is not a weekly event, not a job, just an adventure!

Tourney 1000 points a week please unless you have Real Life challenges, I support players who need to coast for a few weeks, we all have a life! We get our weekly BP plus bonus chests but there is no pressure to over-achieve unless you want to.

Our Trader is active and balanced, fair trades only unless arranged. We have active KP swap threads from 100KP on down. Our Mage core is involved and supports our fellowship though Spire, Tourney, Events, Fellowship Adventures and optional Birthday Greetings with 5KP Mage gifts to players. We do FA’s but it is relaxed with no spreadsheets!
A Good Place is just that, a good place. Come grow your city with us! (This is a Good Place - No drama or disrespect to other players will be tolerated). Please message me in game or apply, a personal message to me is appreciated so I know to check for your application.