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Release notes version 0.26


On another note I think these sizes of buildings after level 15 are getting nuts. We didnt have enough room and culture to handle the ones we have. So not only are we losing a lot of room with the race thing we are losing a lot from these huge buildings. These upgrades past 15 seem to take huge amounts of culture to build too. We already have to load up on the same huge culture buildings. I dont think you all give enough room or something. My culture buildings are getting nuts. Maybe up the culture these buildings are giving a little?


Are you triping? I didnt say it was all bad but the numbers need to be worked. WOW!


The upgrade to the houses actually makes them one square smaller. That is adding a lot of space to my city....or will be once I get to residences and am able to build them. The workshops are bigger and that isn't easy and the tier one goods are bigger...but they produce more, so maybe we can delete some of the ones we currently have. Most importantly though, we got new expansions and the grid got bigger, so it is time to do a lot more city planning! That is the best part about this game.


Some number working...

Planks are my boost, so I evaluated from there using basic unboosted daily production rates

Production / Square : L15=29 L19=37
Population / Square: L15=65 L19=116
Production / Population: L15=.44 L19=.32

The good news from this is that score can be increased effectively, since we can load more working population into the spaces (if we can get the population to add...) I've read some beta comments where players consider the efficiency of population (as in this case, where the working population becomes less efficient)...but to me it's most important to 1) get the production I need to progress and 2) maximize scores. Anything that increases the working population / grid square seems beneficial.

Let's say I have 30 grid spaces devoted to planks and don't want to use any more space. The replacement ratio is 3:5, so I upgrade 3 manufactories and delete the other two - still using 30 grid spaces. The exchange produces break even production right away when they upgrade to L16. From there the benefit increases. Three L19 planks produce 29% more than five L15's for the same amount of space. Same space, more production, higher score.

If I want some extra grid space, it works to delete some manufactoires. A L19 produces 115% of a L15. So, beginning with two L15's, I update one to L19 and then I can eliminate the other L15 and have 6 available grid squares and 15% more production. Extra space, slightly more production, higher score (all based on whether I can find the apx 400 extra population).

As an intermediate strategy, it may be interesting to upgrade as many of the planks as possible without deleting any for now. Basic goods are currently in shorter supply, so they can be traded to advantage personally and for the fellowship.

Most difficult to implement is the new ratio between residences and manufactories. Previously we needed .8 residences for each L15 plank. Now the ratio is 1.6 :L16 and 2.5:L19.


Any chance of getting expansions added when you finish a chapter. This would be a great reward for active players moving through the tech timeline.


Ummm, each chapter already has a couple of expansions it the tech tree.