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Rename Surrender


One definite and simple improvement for a future version would be to tweak and rename the Surrender function in battles. I would suggest perhaps calling it Withdraw.

Because you can surrender at any point with no penalty, and because you don't see the terrain before deploying your troops, it is a standard strategy to enter battle, study the terrain and enemy alignment, and then 'Surrender' and redeploy appropriately.

Beyond it being a bit annoying to hear the trombones and be told you've been defeated every time you perform this simple opening maneuver, calling it Surrender is simply inaccurate. Withdraw is more neutral: it covers both the strategic withdrawal/redeployment described above, and also those situations where you do realize you're beat and retreat with your tail between your legs. Even in the latter case it is really more accurate, since surrender implies the giving up of your remaining forces, which you don't.

This seemingly simple renaming (and presumably reconceiving the sound package) would definitely improve the feel of this segment of the game.


Active Member
I turn the sound off in the game completely - it really bugs me, lol.
Great grand piano avatar, Elven Ivory!
Oh yeah, and I agree with Withdraw rather than Surrender. I don't quit a battle because I'm surrendering ... I quit because I want to redeploy my troops 95% of the time.


Yeah I've sort of got it down - hit Mute, click Surrender, Return to Province, Unmute, bypass trombones of doom.
Of course it would also be nice to be able to redeploy without going all the way back to the province map (and I almost always forget which encounter it was, have to click around till I find it again!) So the whole process could use a little tweaking.