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Repetitive Magic Academy Offerings


Well-Known Member
is it just me? over and over… winter shrine, travelling merchant, winter shrine, travelling merchant. 30 min time boost. 30 min time boost again.
I know they dont want to give us what we want (Festival Merchants, please) but dang.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
I've been getting a pretty good mix. Sorry you are stuck. Yes, a clarity shuffle sounds like a good idea.

Once I was stuck like that; it seemed I was getting the same things over and over. I know it sounds stupid, but I did what I do with my computer ... disconnected and reconnected (in the case of the MA, to the road), and it seemed to help.


Well-Known Member
It is always random, but it sounds like you got stuck. How long since you crafted anything or used a potion of clarity to force a shuffle?
i used probably 5-6 sips last night. more winter shrines. i craft regularly, preferring the large time boosts, pet food, the occasional vitality surge, sometimes an AKP to use otherwise wasted shards, AKP because there's nothing else…


Chef - Scroll-Keeper - Chandelier Swinger - EAA
I use a lot of “sips”, I always have a traveling merchant showing …
Never knew the lil beakers were sips till now lol ..


Well-Known Member
Not a whole lot you can do with RNG being mean to you. I've recently run into a spot of trouble with getting enough ELRs to keep my fighters going and making sure the enemy gets deadified before they can reach my pointy-eared stick throwers.

I have to content myself with the the microscopically-thin silver lining in that perhaps I'm just saving up spell frags, CCs, and sips so I can blow them all away in a scroll-fueled conflagration the next time Fellowship Adventures roll around. For the Vision Vapor badges. *sobs*