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Rowan Moon, seeking new member(s)


It’s my honour and privilege to be recruiting for Rowan Moon FS on Khelonaar (US-4). We have one spot coming available soon.

I’m happy to answer questions in thread or by DM.
Please apply to join by contacting BBsAmazon our Archmage via in-game mail.

We are a very kind-hearted group of people, drama-free, friendly, and an extremely helpful FS — where we put people before gaming. Not many FS’s have this level of people-focused caring and yet it is truly a lovely way to nestle into playing. In our FS, as much as each of us needs, we all feel supported in our lives, and in our game.

At this time, we have a soft way for our young city members to get involved in tourneys, while many of our players are achievers and put in well over 1600pts every week, some in excess of 2000pts, just because we like to achieve and are capable of it. For our young cities, we maintain an “every 4th week push tourney” when all players are expected to put in 1600 or more points. Other weeks, young city players or those with RL challenges can opt out of tourney altogether, OR put in a minimum 400 points to play. However, most of our players go for 10 chests which we generally do achieve. Our goal is to continue with the 4th week push until it’s no longer necessary. We are proud of our caring weekly play and achievements.

Some of our players are learning how to climb, many of our players are mid-level climbers, and a few are top climbers. We don’t expect to be aspiring for gold, yet we do enjoy bronzes (52 on record), and one silver so far! We cheer each other on, enjoy the FS Spire prizes, and aspire to continue increasing participation as a group.

Benefits and perks
— Discord server for communication, how-to’s, posting photos, and other fun stuff
— Recognition for standard achievements
— AW threads monitored and controlled
— FA play, very organized and we always have a lot of fun (totally optional)

We are recruiting now for one like-minded player with a clear track record, who:
— has achieved over 140K game points
— aspires to grow their city
— enjoys the benefits of 10-chest weekly Tourney, and Spire climbing rewards.

Check us out on Elvenstats: https://www.elvenstats.com/fellowship/us4/4682

I’m happy to answer questions in thread or by DM.
Please apply to join by contacting BBsAmazon our Archmage via in-game mail.

Love. ❤
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Happy to have had so much interest in our FS! Thanks everyone!

We now have one new opening as of today, and one in reserve for a candidate who loves to nestle in with lovely people and grow their city in a caring environment... come check us out!

Latest news:

In our last “push week” (Magic Dust, 3/30) we kicked 11 chests, and last week with 17 players active, we hit 9 chests.

We have two new fighting players coming in soon which will comfortably take us to 10-chests weekly for those interested in fighting.

Sadly, we lost a dear friend to RL today which takes us down an active player.

We are seeking one, up to two, more active players over the next while.. Thanks for taking a look.



We still have room for 2 players who are interested in 10+ chests every week, as well as a nice soft place to grow your city.. ❤️


I’m very happy to report we’re now At Capacity and are taking applications for a Waitlist.

Thanks to everyone for their interest. :D
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As one of our mid-level players has just given notice due to RL — we will give Priority on the Waitlist to a player with Over 140K points.