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Scavenger Hunt Cities


Growing Planks Manufactory *27

(Completely reworked on 1/8/23.)
The initial Scavenger Hunt concept was too much like trying to find Needles in Haystacks. Let's try a much simpler approach which is basically:

I have one of those!
Come take a look.​
In a few minutes I'll kick off a thread in my World Forum; let's see how it goes. If it's popular I'm sure the mods can come up with a few Diamonds or Building Tokens, and popular forum game would definitely help justify assigning the Resources that would be needed do develop an in-game event.
Alpha Lyrae
Growing Planks Manufactory *27
is our first example​

How about YOUR city, or the cities of your nearby neighbors?

Here's our Wiki Page and some Graphics
In Khelonaar, near Katwick
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Chef - loquacious Old Dog
So the goal here is to find a city with a Growing Planks MFR lvl 27 (other than your own)? Once found you post it here -- world and name of city, right?



Growing Planks Manufactory *27

Hey! Does your city, or any of your nearby neighbors, have this building?

Post the
World - City - Building
in this thread.​
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