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Seeking Fellowship

  • Thread starter DeletedUser17534
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Looking for fellowship that needs steel, crystal & elixar(soon). I play daily a lot & visit all daily.


Hi Finnay, The name of our Fellowship is Realm Utopia RECRUITING.
Kinda says it all -- we are a very laid back fellowship with more than half visiting everyday, almost half many times a day. That being said you can see a recent thread I posted (as the most Jr. Mage in the Fellowship). Please take a look and see if this would meet your needs.
We are in the middle of a FS Adventure so it would be late to start participating in that (as new members should make switches between adventures). As you would not be exiting an existing fellowship? -- there's probably no problem (we just wouldn't want to hinder a potential existing fellowship).

We already have a fair amount of Steel, but could certainly welcome anyone -- we do lack Crystal and Elixer. That being said, our ArchMage and sever Sr. members can support lots of trading whenever asked. I hope this helps. If interested, just drop a request for membership.