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Sequence change in the Academy


Active Member
I usually have something cooking up in my Magic Academy and it's not very often that it is left inactive. After checking to see what is available, or on the progress of whatever it is I am brewing up, I flip over to the Enchantments page and ensure all five slots are being used. Earlier this week I opened up the Academy and saw all five slots selected and ready to produce Inspiring Meditation. This was a bit of a surprise for me since I had chosen Combining Catalysts earlier. Meditation Enchantments are something I very rarely use and never something I would waste Academy time to brew up. I cleared the slots and set them for the Catalysts I had wanted, then before closing The MA I noticed that the sequence of Enchantments listed below the slots was different. This change has to be relatively new yet it wasn't listed on the latest update as anything they had done.
Has there been a change made to the Academy that I am just now becoming aware of, or have I finally started losing it?



Tetris Master
@Blindsider66 thank you for reporting this, I also had this happen to me two days ago. I only ever make CC's, but woke up two days ago to a queue of IMs. But the production sequence is not different for me now or when I woke up two days ago. Not sure about the night before. Hopefully a temporary glitch.


Well-Known Member
It changed for some players, which got "transferred" to the new tech tree. Really annoying to have the catalysts on a different button in one of my cities. Did anyone exchanged those meditations for catalysts through support by any chance?

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
Aye yai yai! Glad it hasn't happened to me since I barely look when I set production. I just open it and press 5 several times. It's perfect that @Blindsider66 was the one who found we'd been blindsided again by Inno. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself going for the low hanging fruit.