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Should I switch to fighting style or keep powering through with manufacturing


New Member
Hi! I'm new to the forum

I've gotten back to elvenar after a few years and just started the dwarves chapter. Before, I mostly ignored the fighting quests and buildings in favor in favor of resources but I feel that that might be a bad option going into the new chapter. I'm constantly running out of supplies and need 30 residents to mantain my current population. I made a new city plan on elvenarchitect focusing manufacturing: but I'm not sure if it's sustainable: https://www.elvenarchitect.com/city/planner/91959362baa9432b858f488668e68084/
this is my current city:
Do you guys think that it's economical to focus more on workshops and armories to build up an army or continue my current playstyle?


If you had some better pop/culture buildings from events like the Cozy Farm at Chapter 6 you could have a lot more goods production if you wanted it. I don't know if that particular building will be available in the next event, but in general I think upgrading your culture with event items could help out.

There is an upgrade to residences in the dwarves chapter that gives more population in the same footprint (with a reorientation in shape) that might also help you out.


Oh Wise One
@DE-termination Generally speaking, fighting becomes easier the further you advance in the game. As you advance you unlock new unit types, promotions to existing units, you unlock new military ancient wonders, and you have time to level up your existing military AWs. Another important factor is, a developed city has time to acquire a fully evolved stage 10 Fire Phoenix. Getting one of these is going to be VERY expensive for a starting city. But it is worth it. Fire Phoenix is the most powerful building in the game for a fighting strategy.

To put what I am saying into perspective: I have 4 cities. 3 of them are 4 years old. These cities are sitting at the end of chapter 21 and they are combat only. They have every single available unit promotion, have highly leveled military ancient wonders, have stage 10 Fire Phoenix, and have stockpiles of the 5 day military buff buildings. These cities average 9000+ points a week in the tournament and top the spire using combat only. Doing this in these cities, with these resources is fairly easy.

Then there is my 4th city. I started it in Jan of this year. It is currently in ch 8 (Orcs). This city tops the spire weekly and averages about 3000 points weekly in the tournament. But unlike my more advanced cities, I am not doing this combat only. I am using a mix of combat and catering. Generally: the top floor of the spire and the later rounds of the tournament tend to be cater only. The reason is because at these levels I have serious problems winning fights.

Basically: even though I am an experienced player who understands the combat system and can do a combat only city at chapter 21 l *CAN'T* do one at ch 8 level. It is impossible, you just don't have all the stuff you really need yet. However, as my new city continues to advance I do intend for it to fight more and to catet less


Well-Known Member
Agree 110% with @Henroo on a hybrid approach.

I upgraded the CH4 M.Res to CH5 , add'd a lvl 15 Res,
upgraded one Workshop to lvl 16 & deleted a lvl 4 Res.
I did carve some room for settlement stuff, and that
solved your population shortfall. ( I assumed your
CartingLibrary is expired, hense why I didn't connect it.)

When you say "short supplies", do you mean just tools
or goods also ?? As far as tools goes, liberal use of PoP
(power of provision) and some instants as Henroo said.
As far as goods go, I'd look to add in some while you
consolidate the sea of white culture bldgs. I hope you
have some frags/CCs so while you wait for the 4x4 for
MS Lib set, so you can pick up 2-3 bldgs that might also
give goods for a small footprint. While you were away
InnoGames redid the tech tree and tweak'd CH 1-10
which is prolly why you're so short supplies.

We just ended an Event, so ya got a week or two where
you can just work on your city and decide which bldgs
in the next event to focus on. iDavis-elvenar is a great
resource for upcomming events/stuff. No info is up yet
for the next Event, so ya got time.

Either Seasons, MA, or MA bonus chest can be a quick
way to get a few CH current bldgs to help colsolidation
of the sea of white..... Just consolidating should net you
1-2, maybee 3, expansions of reclaimed space.

(edit) and Welcome to The Forum

Silver Lady

Well-Known Member
Hi @DE-termination and welcome to the forum.
I’ve been playing for 3 or 4 years now (can’t remember when I actually started). Like @Henroo I started a new city a little while ago; however, I‘m not as aggressive in my play style as @Henroo (congrats Henroo mighty impressive) so none of my cities are sitting at chapter 21 (my biggest cities are Elementals & Constructs) or do 9000+ tournament points. My little city is Dwarves like you.

When I started my bigger cities I built the barracks as the quest line suggested, but unlike Henroo I’ve never been able to do fight only so these cities are all hybrids. (Maybe my fighting is off because I play in the app and can only auto-fight?) Although I tried cater only in one of them for @6months it didn’t really work (shortages in supplies, goods and pop needed to build more factories). When I started my new city I deliberately did NOT build the barracks and went cater only. This saved real estate and supplies because I’m not making troops. My little city finishes all tournament provinces I have open each week and the first level of the Spire each week. I do the second level about half the time but only did the last level, the Laboratory, once. As this city isn’t in a Gold Spire FS so I don’t really see the cost benefit for doing that last level.

My point is, IMHO if you built the barracks you‘re kinda of stuck with doing at least a hybrid city, if you want to cater only you need to build a city with that in mind from the start. Having said all that there are a few other big players out there that are cater only even though they have some level of barracks in their city.


New Member
By "supplies" I meant tools only, I'm doing completly fine when it comes to other resources but constantly having to use supply windfalls
Looking at your city plan, you didnt upgrade many residences, workshops, or goods buildings so should I go for these changes now and wait to upgrade later?
When it comes to fighting I'm thinking about adding an armory or two and many more workshops to compensate for the missing tools so I can integrate more fighting. Does that seem like a good idea?
Lastly refering to the "sea of white" I'm not sure what culture buildings are outdated and which ones I should keep. For some reason even the chapter 3 codexes are much, much more space-efficient than chapter 5 gardens of harmony so I feel kinda lost when it comes to deciding which buildings to keep and which to keep using


New Member
ah you posed right before I did
so there is no way to get rid of barracks atp? Seems like I should slowly switch to fighting as I progress then

Silver Lady

Well-Known Member
Nope, once built you can never sell the barracks but you don’t have to upgrade it when you get a quest you can wait. BTW All non-declinable story line quest become declinable after you complete the first research of the next chapter. Just be careful not to decline quests where the reward is :diamond:. ;)

On cultural builds figure the amount of culture per square and replace with ones that give more culture/square. I have built bigger cultural buildings and sold smaller buildings quite often to keep my culture up. Also, watch your roads as each new level of road gives more culture and you have to have roads (I see this as free culture).


Well-Known Member
By "supplies" I meant tools only
Thats easy.... 1-2 M.Workshops, and liberal PoP usage and occasional instants.

From Henroo's New City's thread :
However, there is an even more basic rule of thumb you can use: just look at what chapter a building is and compare it to your current chapter. If a building is 1 chapter behind your current level, it might be worth replacing. If a building is 2 chapters behind your current level, you are almost certainly going to come out ahead if you replace it with a newly won building that does something similar.
Players who are not racing thru chapters, can afford to "pause" every 2-3 CHs to "chapter-ize" thier cities either with newly won stuff or thru RRs. Since RRs now have other uses (AW upgrades) winning/crafting new stuff is way cheaper. Its not necessary, but does make playing a whole lot less frustrating ( to me ). I love L.Codex's and basically any "best of" bldg.

My ltd. understanding of guest race CHs, is ya need the settlements to a point, then can tear down and use the space as flex space utill you hit the next CH and need new settlement bldgs. During that time the flex space can be used for a FA or even a bunch of armories to bulk up troop squad levels. So, my link basically just stabilized your city pop wise, and tried to show you can do dwarves with just the land you have, and thru consolidation/efficiencies you'll get the space you need for more of what ya want including armories, non residence pop bldgs, or more settlements to speed you faster thru CH6. I didn't upgrade 20+ residences ( at what +20 ( lvl16 ) or +50 ( lvl 17 )) when just 1 lvl 15 more = 20 bldgs at +20, or 1 good pop/cul bldg is that or more. That gives you time to do those upgrades as you can and don't have to spend on that instantly, especially since Coins isn't the problem. To me, a crapton of big workshops isn't sustainable.

Henroo's thread has alotta good info you might be able to use and SilverLady is great @ cater only.
Hopefully that explains my link, but between those 2, you're in good hands.


New Member
I see, I'm thinking that to easily see which buildings are worth keeping I should make a spreadsheet with the value/tile values of my best residences, workshops and goods of all tiers so I can compare the culture/tile accounting for pop and production with the best research culture buildings I have.
When it comes to the residences, I still think its best to upgrade all of them even if I don't need the coins because upgrading makes them take up less space (3x3 => 2x4) so I can have more settlement buildings
Are you saying I only have to upgrade 1-2 workhops to lvl 17 and keep the rest at 15? Even using PoP and instants I'm not sure if that's enough to keep up with technology costs and negotiations. Do you recomend me going for a tools AW or investing in tools event buildings to help.
btw is it a good idea to downside my good production buildings, maybe 8 t1 to around 6 t1s or so

Silver Lady

Well-Known Member
The only tools AW I recommend is the Prosperity Tower (PT), you‘ll open it as the last research in chap 7 Fairies. But wait for it then level as you can. (AW at Level 16 will give you 75% of total benefit for 35% of the total cost. Just FYI)

In my little city I currently have 8 T1 (4 @ L15, 2 @ L12 & 2 @ L11), 3 T2 @ L11 and 2 T3 @ L8. I have 8 WS @ L15 and only short of tools occasionally, and corrected with golden hands and a couple of PoPs). I will drop a WS or 2 once I can get my PT placed. But remember I’m not training any troops at all, no barracks. To help with my population I have a Glossy Garden and a couple of other hybrid event buildings.

Good luck and if you have any spcific questions you can post here or send me a PM in forum.


Well-Known Member
I still think its best to upgrade all of them even if I don't need the coins because upgrading makes them take up less space (3x3 => 2x4) so I can have more settlement buildings
I ask'd Henroo a Q in his new city thread about upgrading residences. 1 thing I was told was about ..... cost to upgrade vs time to recoup upgrade cost, when my Q pertained to why go from lvl15->lvl16 on (25) residences instead of upgrading to lvl17, but Henroo did need more coins. Now, along with that, is the fact that, sure upgrading (20) residences is 20 less tiles, but how much xtra Culture does it require, and how many tiles will that take. I was also looking @ the time alone to upgrade (20) from lvl15->lvl17, # of builders dependant.
So, the instant solution to -164pop, which was your orig "current city" problem, was to upgrade the CH4 M.Res -> CH5. Once you weren't scraping for pop, I suggeted upgrading the CH4 res -> Ch15 , then as time/stuff allows and you do the research, you could then at your own pace upgrade from lvl15->lvl17, but since that costs Culture, I wouldn't even bother untill you actually need the population, and then I'd do a few @ a time to lvl17, not do all of them to lvl16 1st, and thats just my personal preference. Seriously ( to me ) you have 4-5 crappy ( per tile ) huge Culture only bldgs, that need to be replaced as soon as you can gain the bldgs to achieve that. I'm guessing you do not have the BluePrints to upgrade the (3) M.Residences you have to CH6 ?? Your "current city" had (2) CH5 and (1) CH4 residences, yet you're in CH6. With as many residences as you have, those 3 are the very 1st thing I'd be upgrading to CH6 before anything alse.

Are you saying I only have to upgrade 1-2 workhops to lvl 17 and keep the rest at 15? Even using PoP and instants I'm not sure if that's enough to keep up with technology costs and negotiations.
That fact is solely dependant on online time. If you're on 5-6 times a day and sit for 3-5 hours in the evening doing small production runs its gonna be different than if you log twice a day and try to survive on long production runs. If you're a real casual player you're prolly not even on every day. I have (4) CH6 cities..... size is 47, 39, 29, 29 expansions..... All of them have (1) CH6 and (1) CH5 M.workshop and (5) baby ones (2x2s). Yes I'm paused, but even if I wasn't I'm on enough to make that setup work. Many players don't have the time for that. I get some tools from my once a day Event bldgs, and I'm mercilous at staying @ 170% culture bonus or higher. Some ppl get whacky and run that bonus @ 230 or higher which makes a huge difference. Even if I was doing research, the Q becomes...... do I want to do the CH in 4 weeks or 8-10 weeks, speed of progression is going to make a big difference here too. Yes, I'm saying if you buy just 1 M.Work CH6 and have (1-2) more @ lvl17, you should be ok, so basically no more than (3) biggest ones. ( IF you're online enough )

Do you recomend me going for a tools AW or investing in tools event buildings to help.
I cannot advise on AWs, as I have none, and its specifcally to limit my Spire Cater costs.

btw is it a good idea to downside my good production buildings, maybe 8 t1 to around 6 t1s or so
Well that all depends on your needs. My basic formula is a 6 : 4.5 : 3 ratio for "total" of daily produced T1/2/3 goods. So that includes reg production and Event/premium bldg production. From there I will adjust my productions on actual use in my city per week versus what I make back in that same week. Every city is different.

If you've been away from Elvenar for a couple years...... Seasons (of Triumph) is new to you , TheCauldron is new to you, the CH1-10 new tech tree and tweaks are new to you, and AW upgrade costs are fairly new to all of us...... Its not the same game kinda, yet it still is..... I was just trying to help you ease back into the game with the minimum abount of chgs you'd have to do instantly, and setting you up to play the next event easier, rather than having 3-4 weeks of upgrades, yet new event might starts sooner. Whats not new to you is generally how to play the game, so I wasn't trying to treat you like a brand new player.

Something I've noticed about many player cities, is they really don't have alot of Event bldgs, and if they do usually they aren't max'd out stage wise or of the current CH. Usually these ppl have used "buildable" bldgs instead, and there's a huge difference in "per tile" efficiency. I took 1 of my cities, 2 weeks ago, and tried an experiment ( at eArchitect ) and erased the event bldgs and replaced with buildable ones..... It suck'd up all my land, with NO....... thats right, No xtra production and a loss of everything I was getting daily. Because "Seasons" gives alot of pop/culture bldgs and it lasts for like 80 days, anyone can do that Once, and just wait to collect everything so its as high CH wise as possible, while @ the same time doing just 1 Event. Between those 2 things.... Seasons + next Event, you should be able to get the bldgs necessary to replace the..... Temple of Ages 5x4s, and the Garden of Harmony 5x6s , with better 3x3 & 4x3s with far better per tile culture, and reclaim more land than you will upgrading those 20 residences and saving 20 tiles.

So before you add more land, I'd do what upgrades you're gonna do, replace what ya can along the way, get settlements going, and play the next Event & Seasons. You don't strike me as a very agressive player like Henroo is, or a player like me thats on 6-10 hrs a day, so my answer and link to your orig post was a quick solution, and a easy way to ease back into Elvenar and be 100% rdy for the next event beforehand.
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New Member
I was really bored yesterday and made a big spreadsheet with all my culture/event buildings in it so I can see which ones are actually efficient and which I shouldn't keep: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...NybDBOM2emcKQwhYQwl-OvUR0/edit#gid=2070479886. Yea... those garden of harmonies are not worth it lol. I'm suprised how good set buildings are though (negative culture/tile means it's better than current production buildings)


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
I am a little over halfway through chapter 19 and I do cater a great deal. This week, I catered my way to the top of the spire. It would be impossible for me to do so if I didn't have Prosperity Towers and Blooming Trader Guild. The prosperity towers gives me tons of supplies and the blooming trader makes it economical to buy from the wholesaler using supplies. With those wonders at a high level, I can do just about anything. Sunset Towers helps with seeds and Dragon Abbey and Maze of Dark Matter helps with mana. So overall, I manage.

That said, there are times when I fight ... just not that often. Overall, yes, it's better to fight if you like to do that. You may go forward faster. I just prefer to mainly cater and negotiate.


New Member
when I do choose to fight I usually do auto-fight because I find the ingame fight system super slow and unfun, is that making my fights turn out worse? Unless there is some way to skip opponent turns and make fights quicker I really don't want to be doing manual fights


Well-Known Member
when I do choose to fight I usually do auto-fight because I find the ingame fight system super slow and unfun, is that making my fights turn out worse? Unless there is some way to skip opponent turns and make fights quicker I really don't want to be doing manual fights

You can speed things up with the arrow button on the left. 1, 2 or 3 arrows, 3 is fastest (or the least slow). Auto-fight will make the results of your battles worse, much worse. The computer does not handle mixed troops very well, if you autofight, only one troop type seems to be better. And, of course, you wno't be able to take advantage of the terrain.


Well-Known Member
@DE-termination ,
your link is broke so I just load'd from eStats.
Looking good and awesome you had P.Manor set.
That set is worth keeping and "in CH", so use of RRs
isn't a waste in this case. I found a way to add 5
copper mines, and make room for a bigger portal
to a 5x5, and you only lose 1 granite mine. 10g/5c
should work fine once all are lvl4, so you can lose
2 more giving you a xtra 3x4 space.

Once those huge culture can be replaced, you'll
gain back more space for more manufacturing.
I don't think you need more residences, 'cause you
have upgradability of what you have 1st. Since you're
doing Manu, keep an eye out for bldgs that give
both pop/culture and goods when replacing older
culture bldgs. For those, 4x4 Evolves are usually the
bigger producers, but take time to accumulate/win,
and only if they are stage 10 versions. (fully evolved)
There are a few reg Event bldgs that are pretty good.

(edit) sry when Im bored I like playing city tetris..... lol.
and when you get the 4x4 MS Lib main piece, @ 1k cul,
it should replace one of those Temple of Ages, giving
you room to place it.
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