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Show remaining gate time in Spire Icon

Show remaining gate time in Spire Icon


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Well-Known Member
Voting Status: Open
Summary: On the tooltip for the spire, show how much longer until the next gate unlocks.

Details: It's annoying to load the spire only to find out that the next gate isn't quite open yet. The tooltip for the spire icon at the bottom of the screen should give an indication of how much longer until the gate opens, similar to how it works for scouting. Switching the icon between a "locked gate" and an "unlocked gate" (in addition to the "turned off" gate that we have when the spire is closed) would be a better bonus.

Pros: Less annoyance of loading the spire only to exit out again. Possibly less server load on the server.
Cons: Just developer cost, but given that the tooltip feature already exists for the world map and the changing icon feature already exists for crafting, this should be minimal.

How the existing tooltip for scouting looks:

How the spire tooltip could look:

(The specific choice of graphic to be designed by the Inno design team. I am not advocating a specific look to the icon.)
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Ex-Team Member

I am actually having a difficult time comprehending the request, primarily I have never been in that situation. I will wait for the spire to restart this coming week to make sure this is not a weird bug or something of that manner if what you are requesting already exists.

I am also running on low sleep :)

Happy Discussing


Well-Known Member
After you do four sets of encounters, you have to wait for a timer to finish before you can open the gate to go to the next area. What I'm asking for is a way to see that timer from the main page so I don't open the Spire only to find out that there is nothing to do there yet.

I don't know how to solve your sleep problem though, other than long naps or large pots of coffee. :)

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
Are you suggesting putting an X over the spire icon? While I like the idea in general, I don't like an X being placed over it. That to me would imply the icon isn't usable. I certainly hope that is not part of the suggestion or I would vote no. I go in at times to see the FS progress. Reverting to the hour glass might be better. Since you have already been in the spire you would know it would mean the next door in the spire can be opened when it returns to the 'spire is open' icon.

Also, since hover doesn't work on mobile, perhaps the subject should have (browser version) in it or mention that only the icon changes on mobile, but you can't see the time value. (Since I don't do mobile, I don't really know how it is displayed there.)

There is a very similar aspect to crafting. It would be nice to have the time lift until crafting completion shown too. Maybe that could be incorporated into this idea or left for someone to make one specific to it.

Last, it seems waiting just one week to ask for a vote is a very short time.


Well-Known Member
It doesn't have to be an "X" -- that's just my poor artistic skill. Make some other icon that implies that the gate is closed (vs open vs the spire is completely unavailable like now). (I don't recall if mobile changes the icon or not, but you definitely can't click on the spire icon when it is completely closed.)

Crafting already changes the icon between "nothing being crafted", "in progress", and "done" but having a timer on the "in progress" tooltip would be a good idea. I like it.

I called for the vote because while there were very few comments, they are all uniformly positive and there didn't seem anything to discuss.

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
I guess my comment about calling for a vote so quickly is many people may not have seen it yet, as was my case, and once the voting has started, there can't be any changes, such as using a different graphic than the one with the red X. That may turn people off as it does me since it can imply more than is intended. I think the hour glass icon would be better or even not changing the icon at all and just allow hovering to show the time as is the case for the world map icon showing scouting time left. If there is merit in having your graphic changed, it needs to be done before the poll begins. Hopefully, more people will comment with any ideas before a poll starts instead of afterward.


Well-Known Member
Bumping this, and updating the OP to clarify that the specific choice of icons used is not part of the suggestion -- just that a separate icon could be used to indicate the status (to go with the two icons we have today for "spire exists" and "spire vanished").

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
Wow, how the months pass. People certainly have had time to comment. I'd say it's ready for a vote. Mine is "Yes".


Mathematician par Excellence
If they are going to add an icon for Locked gate, a lock would work.

Also if I'm done all the way up to the end I'd like to see that with either an icon or on mouse over