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Silky Kingdom


New Member
Our fs is recruiting. We do tourneys fa's, help each other out with visits and trades... but do not require minimum points in tourneys. This is a game. RL is more important. We also can offer advice on how to play, building etc. Many of us play on more than 1 world. We do not however, want to be burdened with people that join and don't play again, or for months at a time. If you play a couple days a week that's fine.
Hi - I am interested, if you don’t mind a junior level player (half way through chapter 2} with Marble-Crystal-Elixir boosted goods. I have two other communities at higher levels in other worlds, daily active player/trader. Learning as I go, in very active FSs in my other worlds with very helpful folks. I love to do trade networking, so I am looking for a good trading FS. Thank you.


New Member
sounds great. Looks like you joined another while I was at work. If you change your mind let me know. We are set on click to join for now, to avoid problems like that.
I am still interested - I can hop on the laptop later today to get switched over, since my mobile device is not as adept at finding your FS. Please let me know if you have openings still - Thank you! CdL